Top Trending Sunglasses Styles Of 2016

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Looking back, one can say 2016 has been a year well spent.  There may have been some low point which is normal but overall, it’s been wonderful. During the course of the year, many sunglasses styles were introduced and some resurfaced from the past. From the embellished fruit style to the mirrored lens sunglasses, we couldn't simply get enough of the structured styles.

If there’s one accessory no one should ever be without, no matter what the season is and no matter what your personal style preference is, it’s a good pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses help protect your eyes from the sun but aside from that, it can also complete your outfit and give it a stylish, cool vibe.

The trending sunglasses of 2016 are really fascinating and we hope they will make a comeback next year.

Keep reading for our list of the top trending sunglasses of 2016:

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Mirrored Sunglasses – mirrored sunglass lenses never fail to add that cool and edgy vibe to any look. What’s great about this 2016 trend is that you can pick out whatever style / design you like and just look for a pair with mirrored lenses. Do you think it will make a huge comeback next year?

Grace Alex

▶ Flat Top – flat top sunglasses have been everywhere recently, including on the Kardashian sisters. These glasses are perfect for jazzing up an already stylish outfit because the design is super simple but it does spruce up the look pretty well.

Aderonke Adefalujo
Embellished Sunglasses – this groove-on sunglasses was rocked this year in almost every party or night-out. From the fringed embellishment to the fruit and shape embellished sunglasses, we hope this trendy piece makes a comeback.

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▶ Retro Round – the retro look was actually a really big trend this year and what’s a better accessory to finish off your retro-themed look? They’re cool, they’re unique, super chic and would certainly not be leaving anytime soon.

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▶ Cat Eye – if you’ve ever seen Olivia Palermo’s ultra chic looks, then I’m sure you’re no stranger to the ever so gorgeous cat eye sunglasses. These are among the few sunglass styles that Olivia and a few other Hollywood style icons love to rock.

Sade Akinosho 
▶ White Frame – want something really fun, casual and spring-time friendly? Then this gorgeous trendiest is the perfect choice. They’re also perfect for everyday street style outfits and we hope it comes back next year.

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