5 Tips On How Shoes Affect Your Image

On Tuesday, I had a delicate seminar to attend. I had to be assertive and impacting but friendly and spontaneous also. I wasn’t sure how the meeting would go but cos it was important, far-reaching, and I was a power player in it, i had to put careful thought to deciding the right ensemble to wear.

And as an adhent lover of shoes, this was another milestone to tackle. Although for some people, shoes are normally the last item they think of when putting an outfit together but this should not be the case cos the type of shoe wear you select is very vital and reveal a lot about you.

If you’re looking for further proofs on how people take notice of them and judge you accordingly in business and personal relationships, keep on reading for the expert tips.

1. Shoes are a source of first impressions.

Whether you’re aware or not, shoes can make or break your image.  And the right shoes draw favorable attention to a woman, her outfit, and personal style. According to Dr. Angela Bahns, of Wellesley College, Massachusetts, and researchers from Kansas University, shoes are a source of first impressions. “Shoes serve a practical purpose, and also serve as non-verbal clues with symbolic messages. People tend to pay attention to the shoes we wear,” Dr Bahns said.

2. They affect our power.

If I’m tottering around or uncomfortable, I do not feel powerful, nor do I speak so. Grounding my feet in medium to flat heels is essential when I have to do or say something definite but not necessarily pleasant or welcomed. Many times, I’ve gone back to change my shoes to make sure they are fit for duty.  You can tell when something feels right. Or not.

3. Shoes Enhance Confidence

Wearing the right shoes can make a woman feel more confident. This is due to a number of reasons. For one, shoes enhance almost any outfit. Additionally, the right pair can make a woman look more assertive, which in turn makes her feel more confident. As mentioned above, the right shoes draw favorable attention to a woman, her outfit, and personal style. This makes her feel even better about how she looks.

4. Shoes affect our mood.

Shoes can really lift a woman. And make her feel awkward or frumpy if they’re not quite right. An awkward outfit leads to an awkward woman. The right shoe, keeps us high. Literally and figuratively.

5. Shoes are crucial to completing an outfit.

Kim Wilson, a News Corp Australia executive fashion editor says that shoes are crucial to completing an outfit. “You could step out in the latest designer dress ‑‑ with your hair expertly coiffured and your make-up perfectly applied ‑‑ but if your shoes are scuffed or not suited to the outfit, a keen observer’s eye will be automatically be drawn to your feet.”  That’s especially true if you’re in a conservative workplace where every woman is wearing suit and black pumps. Because you tend to dress more similarly to each other, the eye is drawn to the point of difference more often than not it’s a pair of shoes. “The opposite is also true, that if a lady is wearing a killer pair of heels, her feet get immediate attention for all the right reasons,” she added. By taking these tips from the experts, you’ll be able to make your shoes create a great impression for you.

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