Beauty Guide: 2 Genius ways to keep skin in top shape during harmattan

With Harmattan comes dry and lacklustre skin that easily comes off as dehydrated.
This time of the season records  'dry winds', dust and a drop in temperature which all takes it toll on the skin so much that if not paid attention to leaves it irritated, excessively dry and funny looking and no one wants that.

There are ways to ensure the skin stays in top shape around this period especially with easy DIYs that involve foods found in the pantry.

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1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil works well on the skin during harmattan because its easily absorbed. It also has protein and vitamin E that work to keep moisture locked in the skin.


i. Apply coconut oil on the body after taking a shower, working the oil on damp skin helps glide on smoothly as well as makes it easy to absorb.

ii. Throw some coconut into the microwave to warm up for a few seconds, apply this to the skin in gentle circular motions and allow sitbfor 15 minutes before taking a shower. This helps the skin retain moisture and won’t allow it dry out.

2. Olive Oil

Olive oil is yet another anti oxidant packed non-comedogenic option for the skin during
the dry season and works brilliant as a nourishing moisturizer.


i. Warm up olive oil and apply all over the
body in gentle circular motions and leave this on for about 35 for the skin to absorb it (this helps retain moisture). Take a bath afterwards
apply light moisturizer as per usual.

Do you have any idea on how to stay supple and fresh this harmattan season? Share your ideas below so we can all get inspired! and make sure you share this article to your friends online as well. Stay awesome!

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