Do's And Don't Of Wearing Flats

This season is a great time to learn how to wear flats as they are the most suitable shoes for this fluctuating weather: whether you are taking a stroll in the streets, having outdoor fun, or going to class. If you intend to wear flats as much as possible, go ahead and take all the time you got. It won’t be long till you already know how to carry yourself and walk like a boss in this season’s trendy footwear.

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Here are the types of flats and how to wear them:

1. Point Toe or Ballet Flats. You can’t just get enough of these because they’re cute and sexy. There’s no other way to wear them but with either a shocking color or a muted one. If going for a bright color, go for a contrasting outfit. Try something dull, muted , or nude. Do vice versa if opting to wear muted pointed shoes.

2. Steel Toe Shoes. Metallic clothes plus metallic shoe? Go ahead, but a little plain neutral for clothes won’t hurt too.
3. Plain Sandals. They can be gladiators or just plain straps. Wear them the way you would outfit a pair of gladiator flats.

4. Gladiator Sandals. Keep your head high, and feet on the ground. That’s how you walk in roman flats. All trendy outfits this season will be perfect to mix and match with these whether they’re lace shorts, maxi dresses, maxi skirts, or any print that will blow you away.

5. Ankle Straps. These will never slip off your feet as the straps are secure enough to cling around the ankle.

6. Sneakers. These are majorly in trend now and I personally love wearing them as they had this spice to any casual ensemble.

Since flat shoes can generally make you look shorter, it’s helpful to pair them with pieces that elongate and flatter your legs. Here are the items I think, personally, look best with flats:


The classic skinny jean is the perfect match for your flats. They elongate your legs and are just the right length for loafers, ballet flats, smoking slippers and the like.


Slim, ankle trousers make it possible to wear your flats to the office. Like skinny jeans, they create a slim silhouette and leave enough space between the pant and the shoe to help add some length to your legs.


As long as your boyfriend jeans aren’t too baggy, they look great with flats as well. I’d recommend steering away from ballet flats, which sometimes cut your foot off abruptly, and opting for loafers or pointed-toe flats, which help elongate your look. (Choosing nude or tan colored shoes can also help!)


Straight crop jeans will go perfectly with your flats this season. More forgiving than the skinny jean, these straight crop jeans are super flattering and leave just the right amount of room between the pant and your flats.


Mini skirts, A-line dresses, and those that fall above the knee are a great match for flats because they show off your legs and tend to make you look taller.

Which type of flats is your go-to and how would you prefer to wear them? Pls share if you find this post inspiring.Xo
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