Genius Hacks For Fixing Ruined Wardrobe Staples

Don’t you hate it when you have to throw out a beloved garment after it is damaged? Why not, but will you be happy after finding out that many stains, spills and snags can be repaired and your clothes can become wearable again?

Read on these 10 clothing repair tips to fix your favorite staples. These genius tips will sure help alot in maintaining a good wardrobe habit:

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1. Stop your jumpers from shedding by sticking them in the freezer overnight. If you have a cashmere or wool top that won't stop shedding, toss it in the freezer before each wear.

2. Put your jeans in a plastic bag and stick them in the freezer at night to remove bad odours. The freezer will kill most of the odour-causing bacteria, and you don't have to worry about the dye in your denim fading from overzealous washing.

3. Spray a small amount of vodka on your clothes to eliminate strong odours. If you don't have time to wash a shirt before wearing it again but it has a strong, lingering smell, just spray on some vodka and let it dry. The alcohol will kill odour-causing bacteria.

4. Fix foundation stains with a little bit of shaving cream. If you take off your shirt and accidentally smudge your makeup on the collar, just wipe a dollop of shaving cream on the spot to pretreat it before tossing it in the wash.

5. Tighten your sunglasses with a dab of clear nail polish. If the arm of your sunglasses is a bit loose and you don't have a tiny screwdriver handy, paint a small bit of polish over the hinge to temporarily tighten it.

6. Paint clear nail polish over a loose button thread to temporarily stop it from unraveling. No need to learn how to sew on a button just yet.

7. Clean stubborn dirt off suede shoes with a nail file. Just buff it right out.

8. Scrub off water stains on leather boots with a soft toothbrush and vinegar. If your boots are ruined from water, snow, salt, or all of the above, dip a soft-bristled toothbrush in white vinegar and gently rub to remove the stain.

9. Mend dull or scratched leather shoes with moisturiser. If you don't have shoe polish (Who does?), grab a towel and rub your shoes with a bit of lotion to bring them back to life.

10. Fix underwire that's poking out of your bra with a patch of adhesive moleskin.

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