Men Style Guide: How To Put An Outfit Together

It’s a question that comes up time and time again. In fact, some people know how to choose a pair of jeans, a shirt, a pair of shoes, but don’t think about how to put all of these items together to create an outfit. How to put them all together in a harmonious ensemble. As if ‘putting an outfit together’ were something particularly dark and complicated.

You may be thinking I just got out of bed…how do I go about dressing? The question you should be asking yourself is rather:
‘What do I want to wear today?’
If you don’t take pleasure from it, you’re never gonna get very far in your style apprenticeship. And that’s why I put the enjoyment you get from wearing an item at the heart of the way you should be putting together the items in your wardrobe.

Men’s fashion is so so simple when we get into the habit of following our daily desires. In any case, take an item that you really want to wear on the day as your starting point, you’ll see how everything suddenly becomes a whole lot easier. What’s more, contradictory to women’s fashion, men’s fashion is full of items that go with everything. If you choose an abundance of this kind of item, there should be no trouble finding what to wear in a morning…The items that go with everything (an essential reminder)!

With this in mind, the items that go with everything and that you don’t even have to think about (if you do, you’re overthinking things.) No, seriously, wear these clothes and everything will be fine:

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Raw/grey/faded jeans. 

Really, they go with anything. I’m just starting to realize that even a nice faded pair of jeans (i.e. fairly high-end) is super-versatile. So don’t hold back when it comes to this item and don’t lose your mind when it comes to it either. We can definitively be very elegant OR very laidback with the same pair of jeans.

The grey jacket

Ditto, whether you put it with a hoodie, a T-shirt, a shirt, a cardigan, a chambray shirt, there is zero risk. You really have to try to mess up with a grey jacket.

The trench

A quality trench also goes with everything. If you wear it over a checked shirt, a grey jacket with a white shirt, a simple T-shirt, a jumper, a vest or whatever else might take your fancy, the result will always be a good one. At most, there might just be some thinking to be done in terms of matching up colors but we will come to that a bit later on.

The simple, basic T-shirt

Whether you put it with a jacket or under a shirt if that’s what you wanna do (as long as you undo two or three buttons…) you’ll never have to worry about what to wear your stock T-shirt with.

A nice cardigan

Whether it be with a nice checked shirt, a chambray shirt, a white poplin shirt, a T-shirt, everything will be great with this item on your shoulders. If you can, though, go for a shawl collar (but this isn’t obligatory)
There’s only one condition…

In order to have items that go together easily, you really need to have good quality items with a good quality design, with just the right amount of everything and too much of nothing.

Photo Credit: Phil Cohen 
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