Nail Tutorial: Quick Dry Brush Technique

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So I wanted us to do something fun for a change and decided to share a quick tutorial on of the easiest nail art techniques ever. You don't even have to be a "professional" nail artist or tech for this, just someone who has some cool polishes they wanna play around with. It's called the Dry Brush Technique because you are literally going to be using just the nail polish brush as dry as possible, no heavy polish pick up, just sheer smudging galore! You ready?  Let's dive in!

(Tip: always start with clean and dry nails. Wipe with cotton wool dipped in nail polish remover or acetone. A dry nail bed means the polish can adhere better and thus last longer.

Step 1: Gather your polishes. I normally start out with four, some days i rise as high as seven or eight. Mostly just pick whatever you want, it's supposed to be fun so go crazy with colour! Always have a light colour, like white, as base.  (I used a beige for this tutorial but you go with whatever works for you..still recommend that white strongly!)

Step 2: Paint your base colour, in my case beige, and allow it to dry thoroughly. I find that most light colousr require at least two coats to be opaque so make sure you really go at it. Repeat again, allow to dry thoroughly!

Step 3: Pick your first colour and swipe brush against the neck of the bottle. Keep doing this until you can actually see the bristles of the brush,  Swipe in a circular motion for maximum "drying". There should be almost little or no polish on the bristles when you are done swiping.

Step 4: This is the fun part, SMUDGE AWAY!!.  Start smudging the dry brush on your dry base colour. Go in whatever direction you want but don't overdo it. Light touches and be sure your brush has no excess polish before smudging, you can dab lightly on a tissue just to be sure. One smudge set is enough and you can pick another colour for smudging.

Step 5: Keep going with the colours of your choice until satisfied. Smudge each colour on top of the other with light strokes. It gets real messy at a point but we're having fun with this right?!. Mine turned out something like this though.. Very very messy looking but ain't done yet! *winks*

Step 6: Allow to dry completely and then finish off with topcoat for a super glossy marbled look. Sometimes you can decorate with decals or polka dots as i did with mine. Just be sure to allow it all dry before applying topcoat so as to avoid smudging. Also remember to clean up around your cuticles with remover/acetone. Voila!! You have perfect dry-brushed nails you can rock with any outfit!

Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial. Do let me know what you think. Don't forget to subscribe, like and comment on this post.

See you again real soon, stay beautiful!
Nail Tutorial: Quick Dry Brush Technique Nail Tutorial: Quick Dry Brush Technique Reviewed by Ifeoluwapo Ogunbiyi on January 31, 2017 Rating: 5

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