The Benefits Of Cuticle Oil

As a nail artist and a lady who is deeply interested in looking and feeling good, one of the most important things i use on my fingernails to keep them looking well-kept is Cuticle Oil. In fact, i'd scarce call myself a nail artist if i never used cuticle oil, it is simply the most important material in a nail artist's nail care arsenal, i kid you not.

However before i even go any further, we need to understand what the cuticle is. In layman's language, the cuticle is the piece of dried skin on the fingernail that acts as the border between the nail bed and the rest of the finger. As the picture below shows, the cuticle is the furthest portion of the nail.

The cuticle helps as a guard against dirt and infection getting into the bed and body of the nail matrix. Since we expose our hands to all sorts of abuse and injury and dirt in our daily activities and chores, it thus needs to be kept in top shape.

Now, why is cuticle oil so important? Several reasons actually. These are just few of my personal favourites:

1. It keeps ones nails looking super shiny. Believe it or not, dry-looking nails tend to give the entire hand a sort of oldish look. As a lady, there is nothing more telling on your level of body care than having rough looking hands whilst your face is slayed. Oh my days!!. The hand is the most abused part of the body and so needs extra pampering so trust me when i say cuticle oil will give you an instant handlift (can't say facelift, can i?..*laughs*).

2. It soothes dry, cracked skin and instantly smoothens the skin around the hands. Drench away, folks!!

3. It makes your nails hard. One of the biggest challenges women face is soft nails that break easily, mostly due to our body physiology, hormones and all. Massaging cuticle oil into your nail bed and borders means the nail matrix is stimulated by the blood flowing in there. End result? More nail keratins are produced and thus thicker nails grow. Massage well ladies (and gentlemen).


4. It gives your manicure a super-polished look. If you view the work of major nail artists and technicians across all social media, the one common feature is the glossiness of their clients' nails. Cuticle oil at work, my friends. It gives their nails a very elegant finish and of course, makes their hands look goooood!!. Nothing like having eye-grabbing mani/pedi.

@manikurchik via Instagram 

As seen on my page @dotunnails

I could go on. I personally carry my own cuticle oil around in a small refill bottle (an empty polish bottle i converted) and at every opportunity, i apply and massage it in. Been on my Instagram page yet? My nail art pops more when i apply cuticle oil and of course, the comments i get about my "baby hands" keep coming.

A tip: Did you know coconut oil makes an excellent cuticle oil too? It is my emergency back up and trust me, it works just as well as my regular cuticle oil (I use the Supernail Brand but you can get yours at any beauty supply store).

So ladies, try and incorporate cuticle oil application into your beauty routines. We wanna look good all over, don't we? Nothing like shaking someone's hand and hear the loveliest compliments about how nice your hands In my next post, i will be sharing my step-by-step cuticle/nail care routine, share where you can purchase your cuticle oil and also ask you to please stay glued for more nail care tips.

Thanks again for stopping by, i'll see you again real soon.

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