These 10 Items Should Be In Every Woman's Handbag

Ladies and their handbags are almost inseparable! This is because your handbags play a major role in your life as you have them for practicality and style. Apart from holding your essentials, you can also wear them day or night and to everywhere: to work, church, school, date, etc. In fact, for me I feel incomplete when I step out of the house without my handbag.

Although there are lot of unnecessary stuffs ladies carry, there are other items that must always be in our bags. So today, I'll outline 10 must-have items every woman should always have in her bag.

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1. Hand Sanitizer: After the whole Ebola epidemic, people cut down on the use of hand sanitizers. But I think that every lady should still have a bottle of sanitizer handy to protect from germs and skin damages especially if you get in contact with a lot of people everyday.

2. Tissue/wipes/handkerchief or small face towels: With the kind of sun we experience in this country, you do want to bump into meetings or an outing looking all sweaty. Whatever the use, this essentials are useful and should never leave your bag.

3. Light make-up: I do not expect you to carry your make-up box all around, but then you might have a surprise date or outing and you are still expected to serve face. So basically this would do: a compact/powder, your favorite shade of lip stick, lip balm, eye pencil and mascara. These are light and are capable of turning you into a diva.

4. Small perfume bottle: A nice-smelling lady is always welcome. So it's essential to have one of those in your bag always.
5. Pocket brushes/combs: There is need for you as a lady to constantly keep your hair in order, whether you are carrying your natural hair or wearing a weave.

6. Shower cap: One of the biggest headaches that plague ladies when it rains is the damage the rain can do to their hair. Having a shower cap can spare you that headache and keep your hair from breakage.


7. Hand/Body cream and lotion: This is extremely useful during harmattan and rainy season but then even without dry seasons, you will need to continually moisturize your hands and other constantly exposed part of your body.

8. Simple aspirin: A simple painkiller can help soothe you when that headache, body ache or menstrual cramps come up, so that you are able to focus well on your daily task.

9. Phone Charger/USB cord/power bank: When you are busy, you might forget to charge up your phone’s battery, a charger and a power bank is great for those common times when you need to power up your phone. Whether it’s for work or when you need to copy important files or the latest songs from a friend, a means of media transfer can be a very useful component of a lady’s bag.

10. Sunglasses: Sunglasses helps protect your eyes when its sunny and it is also fashionable and available in different shades, styles and color. Please when it is rainy or dark or you enter a room, an enclosed place, kindly put it back in its case and do not leave it on your face or hanging on your head.

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