Get A Flattering Look By Following These Slimming Style Tips For Plus-size Women

Are you a plus size woman and you feel you can't express your style well enough cos of the junk in your truck? Well, you don’t have to worry as you can look slim even with these full feminine features.

Looking fierce and fabulous starts with being confident about your body and once you’ve achieved that confidence, the rest becomes a whole lot easier.

Get a flattering look – without going on a diet or hitting the gym – simply by following these slimming style tips for curvy women.

Go Make a Statement

Just because you’re plus sized, does not mean that you can’t wear statement pieces. Whether it’s a cape blazers or color blocked pumps, you can definitely wear them as long as you possess the right attitude. The key to these style tips for curvy women is to not go overboard; remember to stick with one statement piece. You don’t want to look like you came off fresh from an African hunting trip.

Mix Different Textures

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When it comes to style tips for curvy women, the key is to distract the eyes. While mixing prints is the foremost tip for these ladies, another beneficial styling trick is to combine different textures. I’m talking about mixing brocade, velvet, silk, the whole nine. Wearing these various texture can trick the eye as it can make you look slimmer instantly.

Try A Monochromatic Outfit

One really easy way to look slimmer and really chic is to pull off a monochromatic outfit. It would also help heaps if you could wear a dark monochromatic outfit since these are the two tricks that really help create the illusion of a slimmer figure. Remember that a monochromatic outfit doesn’t always have to be created with plain and solid colored pieces. You can incorporate prints and patterns to the mix as well to make it less boring or you can also choose to wear pieces with different textures to add interest to the whole look.

Inject Some Animal Skin

Yes, different prints and textures are essential style tips for curvy women. However, you can go beyond that by updating your wardrobe with some animal prints. It can either be worn alone, or you can mix it with other styles for a gloriously slimming look.

Go Vertical

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They say stripes are unflattering, but that is only the case if you choose the wrong direction. When it comes to style tips for curvy women, opt for vertical stripes instead of horizontal ones. Not only can it make you look leaner, vertical stripes can make you look taller as well.

Belt it Out

Style tips for curvy women might sound complicated, but sometimes, it’s just as easy as wearing the right accessory. In fact, you can look slim right away simply by belting your outfit. Whether it’s a slim belt or an obi belt, the perfect belt can shave a few inches off your waist.

Downplay Your Accessories

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Aside from making your outfits look fab, accessories help accentuate the parts of your body where they are laid so be careful when using them. Try not to wear huge, chunky statement accessories on areas that you don’t want to become noticeable like your hips, your tummy or your chest. If you must wear accessories, wear small and dainty ones instead.
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