Happy Birthday Bad Gal Riri - Steal Her Rebellious Style With These Riri-inspired Tricks


The one and only bad gal, Rihanna, is 29 today...*yaay*!!

Known for her urban-eccentric and edgy style, Rihanna has become a true fashion powerhouse, acting as the face of Balmain and a muse to many designers, including Tom Ford, and Karl Lagerfeld.

Rihanna's wardrobe is the most talked-about, influential and dissected in pop right now. And what she wears – whether it is red hair, studded cut-off denims, power-shouldered top or a new look in electric mirorred sunglasses – is immediately reproduced on the high street, because it sells.

“Women are fascinated by her because she takes the risks that her fans would like to take themselves. She's got a beautiful, curvy figure but it's her confidence that appeals as much as her body.” ~ says Carrie Tyler, editor of elleuk.com.

It's obvious that there has been much controversies as to why Rihanna loves showing off too much skin - if not all. Yeah on that notion, I will say, as much as I'm not an advocate for nakedness, I believe everyone should wear whatever makes them comfortable and happy. And the key to Rihanna's appeal is the sense that she is doing what she wants to do and having fun. And that's enough for me! As she pointed out ~

“Sometimes I’ll wear something and think, I’m going to get so much flack for this tomorrow, but if I want to wear it, I will”

Although, there may be only one Rihanna, there are a few tricks to steal from her style for a sophisticated yet appealing and sexy look. Keep on scrolling to scoop some of her signature style tricks.

1. Dress For Fit

No matter how eccentric or  fierce her looks are, Rhianna knows how to dress for her shape. Since she got an hour-glass figure, she leans towards leather tight skinnies, flirty dresses, form-fitting crop tops, V-neck power-shouldered coats, and waist-defining dresses. Whenever she wears a billowy top, she matches it with skinny trousers, while fuller trousers are paired with a fitted top that creates a perfect fit.

2. Cool Girl Gear

If you want to get Rihanna's style down to a T, you should stock up on cool girl gear. What’s cool girl gear, you ask? Well, it’s anything and everything that can give your outfit a fresh, hip and edgy vibe. It could be a leather jacket, camo overall, a pair of sexy booties, loud prints, bold colors, chains all that jazz. These pieces are what you will be using to give any look a kick.

3. Take Fashion Risks

When it comes to fashion, Rihanna is the non-traditionalist kind. If you want to stand out from the rest just like this Barbadian beauty, then do not be afraid to take a fashion risk. Be experimental, wear unexpected clothes and style them like it’s nobody’s business.

4. Print and Structure Play

One of the things that always keep Rihanna’s outfits interesting is the prints, patterns, and structures in her look. Rarely would you see this Stylista wearing plain, solid colors on her outfit. You don’t have to be clad in prints and patterns from head to foot. A little touch of leopard print here or perhaps a pop of polka dot there should be enough if you’re not all for wearing lots of prints and patterns.

5. Keep It Colorful

Another thing you don’t see Rihanna do often is sport just one color in one look. Sure, the monochromatic look is hot and flattering and all but it does tend to get boring sometimes. Keeping your outfit colorful doesn’t mean you have to wear bright colors all the time. Sometimes, all it takes to keep your outfit from being boring is to wear the same color in different shades and intensities. A pop of color will give you more of that Rihanna vibe, though, no matter how little.

6. Borrowed From The Boys

You want to break fashion convention just like Rihanna, then follow her fashion mantra: go with menswear pieces. Rihanna has never been afraid to embrace her masculine side by wearing men-inspired tailored tuxedos,track suits, as well as loafers and brogues. Her borrowed-from-the-boys look not only stands out from the crowd but is every bit as chic and fashion inspired. To balance the loose look, Rihanna makes it a point to wear them with feminine items, such as stiletto heels, structured clutches and gold accessories.

7. Oversized Jackets Are The In-thing

Whereas other ladies go for sleek, form-fitting jackets, Rihanna actually likes the opposite. Oversized jackets are “fierce,” Rihanna says. According to the singer-actress, it is the key to everything. With this outerwear, you too can wear any type of silhouette that you want. Heck, you can even wear it with a formal gown and still look chic.

8. Athleisure

The athleisure trend may be just getting it's 15 minutes of fame now but Rihanna was sporting the trend way before it was as big as it is today. So if you want that Badgal Riri look, infuse some sport gear into your street style.

9. Hop On Heels

Rihanna is pretty petite so her way of making herself look tall is wearing heels but that’s not all heels do. It also gives her outfits a more put-together and more glamorous look. If you’re aiming for the same fab feel, slip into your favorite pair of heels. As Riri said “It’s not about pain. It’s about the commitment. I say to myself, ‘I want to look like this,’ and worry about the pain later. I’ve had nights I had to tiptoe home and the balls of my feet wouldn’t even allow me to stand.” - Vogue, 2014

10. Fake it ‘til You Make it

Although Rihanna can purchase the most expensive diamond earrings in the world, she prefers fancy jewelries more. In fact, she likes getting her accessory haul at Claire’s. So yeah, if you see her in bright bling-bling, they are probably fake – unless she declares that they are Chopards.

Rihanna has a fashion look that is unlike any other. Break out of the conventional style box like this Barbadian native by following her great style advices.

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Getty Images, Glamourmagazine.co.uk
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