How To Create A Stylish Effect In The Workplace

A new week is a new opportunity to take style with you wherever you go. Regardless of your 7-5 job and how strict your office dress-code is, take a deep breath and note that you don’t have to dress boring to work anymore!

If you’re working in a professional office, chances are you might not be able to bring out your style game because of the serious clothing ethics at work. Hereby, it can be a bit daunting to dress feminine and chic without breaking some office rules.

To still hold on to your style power without breaking the office rules, keep on reading for our guidelines on how to create a stylish power in the workplace.

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1. Have at least one good suit (with structure and fit!)

Whether you’re working in a creative or casual workplace, add some polish to your office wear with a structured suit that fits perfectly. According to Sarah Greenberg, co-president of Theatrical Marketing for Lionsgate Films, you must have a blazer with you all the time as if you just never know when you’re going to be pulled into a meeting with a CEO or a filmmaker. “Even if I’m wearing jeans, I have a blazer on the back door in my office and a pair of heels under my desk, and I’m always going to be dressed appropriately,” she said. A structured suit that fits and flatters your body type can make all the difference. Research the best fits/style for your body type and also note – plaid and pinstripes are awesome.

2. Own Your Femininity 

Own your femininity by going out on an easy-peasy casual smart look on flowy feminine dresses, skirts and tiny jewelry. Knee length dresses or just over the knee skirts held fit at the waist paired with smart shirt or tanks on blazers and heels or ballet shoes will look smashing on you.

3. Add shots of color.

Whether it’s a subtle hint of lilac or a hot red pump – adding a pop of color into your business look is a great way to spice up a strict office-wear. And if you’re a daring diva – try matching your shoe with a bold lip color.

4. Think Accessories!

Accessories are your best friend. An impressive statement piece, hand bag, and even hairstyle can transform your entire look. You’ll suddenly feel confident and not so conformed in the office.

5. Say "Yes" To Unique prints/patterns/textures

Sometimes all your office attire needs is a little pattern. Buy a few patterned blouses or button-up tops to mix into your daily routine. I totally recommend visiting your local thrift store to find unique  prints that are super cheap!

6. Sneak In Strappy Heels

Classic pumps are a must for conservative and strict workplaces, but if you want to add a stylish spice to your boring work look, get away with open-toed heels by pairing them with conservative pieces like a pencil skirt and long-sleeve blouse or a chic all black pant-suit. What the HR department doesn’t know won’t kill them right? 

I hope these styling-tips will help you out! Did you enjoy reading this post? Comment below and share your thoughts. Please share any of your tips too. 

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