Humble Beginnings

So lately i just moved away from home for work and to avail myself of all the opportunities i can and will find regarding my nail artistry (lol!!). One of the first things i have been wanting to do for a very long time is a post about deep reflection on my nail art journey so i dug out some old pics from when i started and suddenly dissolved into laughter.

Oh my goodness!! I can hardly believe how far i have come. From a nail-biting addict who used to chew her fingers down almost to the bone to someone who does the most amazing, most colourful nail art she can find. I honestly am really grateful for all i have learnt so far and more than thankful for all to come.

Still think i'm joking? Check some of the pics below for my cringe-worthy humble offerings from the very beginning of my nail art journey.

First steps are never easy
I've always had an eye for detail so my first offerings weren't too bad. Okay, maybe just a little! Okay, A LOT!!.. Hard to see but funny to look

See how short my nails were..chewing
First attempts at combining stripes and negative space
By the time i started to add my nail care routine and got more patient with myself as time went on, my pictures improved dramatically after reading and constantly practicing all i learnt. Phew!!

Every time i mastered a new technique, something changed in the way i presented my work. I found myself improving so fast and so well. Like i raised mental boundaries for myself and i crossed them and felt really good when i did. I loved challenging myself, it really made sense.

First proper stripe attempt, it took me a whole hour to
I could hardly believe it sometimes. There were days i actually wanted to just chuck it in and quit but i loved the beautiful creations coming from my head and so i kept at it and they got better and better.

Getting better and better...
These days i am so thankful my nail art comes to me effortlessly. I absolutely adore it and when i look back on how far I've come, i sometimes break into a little skip/dance. Who knew I'd one day produce the very same beautiful things I admired on other pages and sites? It tickles just to think f it!!

Started from the bottom, now we here!
No matter where you find yourself, just know it gets easier the more you push yourself to improve and do your best. No doubt those days will come when you wanna just throw up your hands in frustration and completely give up. Those are the times you dig deeper and draw out those amazing reserves of strength you possess and i promise you, it will be worth it.

You are amazing, never forget that!

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