Interview Outfit Mistakes That Could Cost You The Job And How To Correct Them

Going for a job interview is all about first impressions. You want your appearance to convey a confident, respectful, professional and prepared job-seeker.

Although, you want the interviewer to concentrate on your skills and qualifications. However, even if your qualifications make you the perfect candidate, wearing the wrong interview clothes could seriously defile your acceptability.

So, keep on reading for the interview outfit mistakes that would cost you the job and hinder your ability to make a professional first impression and how to correct them.

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For Men:

Mistake #1: Wearing a suit with bold colors, large prints, stripes, plaids or funky patterns.

Mistake #2: Wearing a suit jacket with pants that don’t match.

Mistake #3: Wearing a suit made of an exotic fabric such as suede, leather or velvet.

Mistake #4: Wearing an outfit that doesn’t fit your body size and frame.

Mistake #5: Wearing no socks or socks with large prints, patterns or bright colors.

Mistake #6: Wearing dress boots, athletic shoes, crocs, sandals, or palm slippers. 

Mistake #7: Wearing a short-sleeve shirt, collarless shirt, ill-fitting shirt, rolled up sleeves or wrinkled shirt.

Mistake #8: Wearing a flashy tie, a tie with annoying symbols, or with cartoon characters.

Mistake #9: Wearing excessive amounts of jewelry, or body jewelry (ear, eyebrow, nose rings).

For Women:

Mistake #1: Going overboard with color or wearing a loud print.

Mistake #2: Wearing an outfit that doesn’t fit your body size and frame.

Mistake #3: Wearing too high heels or tripping over your heels. 

Mistake #4: Showing too much skin or wearing clothes meant for the club. 

Mistake #5: Wearing bold, bulky and chunky jewelries or neckpiece.

Mistake #6: Wearing loud perfumes.

Mistake #7: Wearing a hat or sunglasses in the building for your meeting.

Mistake #8: Putting no thoughts into your bag.

Many of the mistakes mentioned above apply to both men and women. I just categorized because the points are more prevalent among the specific gender it falls under. 


◾ Wear a jacket/blazer in a dark, solid color such as navy or charcoal/gray. No big or bold prints and patterns and that goes for bright colors as well. 

◾ Wear a 2-piece suit (pant suit or a knee-length skirt suit for women) or a blazer on pants. Be sure it matches – no jeans!

◾ Wear a jacket of neutral fibers (depending on the season) like wool, cotton, or linen.

◾ Wear a suit that reaches the middle of the knee or 1-2 inches below the knee. When legs are crossed, the interviewer may be given the wrong impression (Women). 

◾ Anything too large or too small is a dead give-away that it is not yours!  Invest in ONE ‘interview’ outfit; it’s worth it!

◾ Too low a neckline can give the interviewer the wrong impression. Button up your blouses.   Do not show any undergarment shoulder straps (Women) 

◾ Wear a low-heel shoe versus flats or 4+-inch high heels that is comfortable; no sandals, tennis shoes or flip flops (Women). 

◾ Wear socks mid-calf length so no skin is visible when you sit down. Generally, your socks should match the bottom of your slacks (Men).

◾ Wear leather shoes with or without laces; dressy loafers are OK for a casual work environ — shinier materials, such as patent leather, are too dressy (Men). 

◾ Wear a well-pressed, long-sleeve, button-down-the-front shirt with a collar. The shirt should fit your neck perfectly (If it is too tight, it will look strained and if neckline is too large your tie will drag the collar shirt down).  Here’s the trick: hang your shirt in or around a steamy shower for about 5 minutes to get the wrinkles out (Men). 

◾ Wear a tie with neat repeating patterns or a traditionally striped tie. When in doubt, be on the conservative side (Men). 

◾ Do not wear any perfume.  Some interviewers may be allergic and you don’t want to leave an impression of your perfume in their office all day.  Additionally, aromas are very subjective; the interviewer may just not like your scent…ever.

◾ Limit yourself to few jewelries; a watch and one ring per hand for men and small or stud earrings with minimal hand accessories for women.

◾ Pick a bag or briefcase that can fit a laptop, your notebook and the essentials and match it to the feel of the rest of your outfit.

◾ Do not wear a hat and remove sunglasses immediately upon entering the building. (No sunglasses up on top of your head—remove them completely)

Remember, a successful job interview could lead to greater heights in your career and you will want to be remembered for your “total package”, including the presentation of your skills and capabilities. Yes! dressing for success is important as well so let your outfits be planned accurately and appropriately.
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