Style Trend Pick: The Uneven Hem Jean

Spring is the perfect time to burst out in style and bursting out in your everyday street basics is the best way to go. Today we are picking on our unique denims. From destroyed boyfriend jeans to high-waist mom jeans and acid wash flares, there’s a variety of denim options to choose from that pair perfectly with warmer weather pieces.

One of the pieces we’ve been eyeing latley and will definitely be a standout trend in 2017 is the Uneven Hem Jean, which, as the name implies, features a super cool uneven hem that can add a subtle and stylish edge to any look.

Adapted from vintage fashion, the Uneven Hem Jean comes in a relaxed fit that’s comfortable and easy to move around in this warm season.

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How to Style the Uneven Hem Jean:

1. A bright pop of color adds an unexpected punch to an uneven hem blues.

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2. A structured jacket and crushed patent leather boots elevate a band tee and your uneven hem jeans.

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3. The contrasting silhouettes of a billowy blouse also juxtapose nicely with the more casual uneven denim, as they can add a hint of structure and modernity.
4. Ladylike pieces—bell sleeves and stiletto mules—bring polish to super-distressed uneven hem denim.

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5. A light lace top under a structured leather jacket creates a tough meets soft vibe. While bright colored accessories brings the look together with a pop of personality.
6. A bodycon spaghetti strap top paired with your uneven hem boyfriend jean gives an urban vibe that can take you from a street chicness to an outing spree.
7. Who says that unconventional denim can’t be sophisticated? Pair the uneven hem jean with timeless accessories to create an outfit that’s perfect for a casual workplace or a nice lunch meeting.

Rocking any one of these chic styles proves you’re hip to the latest and greatest, the tricky silhouettes can present a challenge when it comes to styling. The key is getting the shoes right … and the top … and the accessories.

Here is a Step-by-step DIY guide on how to achieve the uneven hem jean look - adapted from Thanks to creative fashion bloggers, who inspired women everywhere to DIY their own pair when the price of the brand charged upwards of four figures for a pair of short-in-the-front-long-in-the-back jeans.

What you’ll need:

◾ A pair of straight leg jeans
◾ Fabric scissors
◾ Seam ripper or knife
◾ Ruler
◾ Pen


Start by cutting the hem off the bottom of each leg. Cut just above the stitch line. Try the jeans on and measure how high you want the front of your jeans to rise. Take off your jeans, turn them inside out and make a few hash marks with your ruler. Draw a line across the front side of each leg. Measure 2 inches initially but you can add another half inch if you want it more noticeable.

You are good to go!

What do you think of the outfit ideas? How would you style the uneven hem jean? Share your thoughts in the comment section.
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