The Funny Side Of Nail Art

This is how the wahala begins! You will be sitting down jejely, minding your business. All of a sudden, you notice your nails need polish. They look tired and cracked, old polish probably chipped away. We must do something!!

Next comes the biggest problem: You set up your work space, arrange all your fancy polishes, cleaners and nail tools. You start work and start feeling good because,as a nail art addict, doing nails is like a therapy session for you. In between wiping off the polish completely and cleaning your cuticles, you suddenly remember this fact.

You can't cry just yet, wait wait's just getting warm. Okay yeah, you valiantly press on!. Nails clean and ready to be painted. Unfortunately you are looking at some serious nail length. Various categories of sorcery are at work. Should you cut? Should you file down? Will the length make the design look good? In fact, if you are like me, just pick any length type that looks good and forge ahead!

After deciding on which length works for you, you paint. Yay! Finally made it this step abi? Think you are safe shey? I laugh in several African languages!!. Any nail addict will tell you perfect lacquer application is an Olympic event. Get one hand right and then watch trailer jam the other hand! You then suddenly discover your non-dominant hand has a life of its own and has decided to become professional painter all by itself without asking your permission.

At this point, you may well decide to give up. It's not looking too good. You may need to wipe off the "accident" and start over but then, you heave a huge sigh and press on with determination! *insert Kanu's speech in the Peak Milk advert*.. #iwontquit

You got the perfect colour, it's looking good and you're finally satisfied. Done applying and just waiting for the polish to dry and then........... YOUR TUMMY RUMBLES!! Yeepa!! There is no sound more horrifying in the world especially if you just got your nails done. That instant knowledge that a smudge-fest may potentially happen will just reduce you to tears. To go or not to go?! To hold or not to hold?! Heii God, make these rumbles disappear and don't allow my hard work to be in vain! *sobs*

Thankfully your tummy takes pity on you and calms down. You heave a sigh of relief and go right ahead to watch it dry. Yasss slay!!. Of course, we all end up feeling like queens and can strut our stuff proudly knowing your hands are on point and they look so goooooooooood!!!

So darlings, appreciate us nail artists when we post all those wonderful pictures you so much admire on social media, we usually have to sacrifice goats, cows and sometimes, even camels and elephants, just to get them right! Encourage us by liking and commenting and patronizing us. We appreciate you all so much.

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Stay Awesome!!
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  1. Nice post you just carry on your creating blog on Nail art. I think nail art is small part but vital part of our fashion.


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