These Genius Beauty Tips Will Make Your Wedding Day Flawless And Stress-less

Planning for your wedding can be really stressful and frustrating, so take the exasperating feeling out by selecting your perfect wedding day beauty look.

We’ve got 10 lifesaving hair and makeup tips to help you get through all the chaos:

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1. Don't Use New Products
“When you introduce new ingredients to your skin, it can cause a reaction,” says celebrity facialist Ildi Pekar. “Try new products one month prior to your wedding just to be sure. It typically takes your skin about one week to recover from reactions on its own.”

2. Schedule Your Facials Before The "D" Day
“I recommend to not get a facial less than a week before the wedding day,” says Mari Shten, makeup artist for Deck of Scarlet. “Get your facial about 10 days before so your skin calms down from any redness.

3. Use Oil Blotting Sheets
“Oil blotting sheets will keep makeup in place while removing shine,” adds Joann Solomon.

4. Use Vaseline To Prevent Smudges
“Vaseline placed on the front inner gums can prevent lipstick from smudging on your teeth,” says Joann Solomon, celebrity makeup artist, and hairstylist.

5. Consider Your Climate
“Brides that are getting married in a different climate should be fully aware of how their skin may react to temperature changes,” says makeup artist Kate Stromberg of the COLOR, a Salon by Michael Boychuck. “Warmer weather brides should use anything that's labeled oil-free, waterproof, or mattifying.”

6. Get Inspiration
“If you're having trouble deciding between a few concepts, or don't know where to start, find some images, and bring them to your appointment,” adds Kate Stromberg. “This provides your makeup artist or cloth designers with the necessary visuals to customize a look that's in your comfort zone and is realistic.”

7. Protect Yourself From The Sun
“Sun damage can make you look older and fatigued,” says makeup artist Karuna Chani. “Not only should you put SPF on your face, but you should pay special attention to protecting your lips and hair. Come rain or shine, wear sunscreen to prevent your skin from sunburns and wrinkles.”

8. Hire A Professional
“Getting your own hair and makeup artist for the day will help you be stress-free,” says Joey Maalouf, Creative Director & Co-Founder of The Glam App. “When you look good you feel good, everyone attending your wedding will feel".

9. Take Care Of The Little Details
Shape your brow according to your face shape and apply false lash with caution. An eyebrow shaping will accentuate your eyes and frame your face under a veil or not. And because the eyes reflect your every emotion, it’s important to define the perfect shape for your face. Also when it comes to false lashes, less is more. A heavy false lash will be too heavy for the eye.

10. Handle Your Veil With Caution
“Veils can be tricky, so you will want to have gentle hands to ensure your hair doesn't get ruined,” says Melanie Schnell of George the salon Chicago. “Talk with your stylist about placement, and who is in charge of taking the veil out during the reception.”
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