Valentine's Vibe: What To Wear With Red Shoes

Woohoo! Valentine season is here again, it's the season to love and be loved so get your groove on and start showing love in any way possible.

As we all know, red is the color that symbolizes Love and intimacy so your red shoes and red accessories should be at the top front of your wardrobe this season. I believe every woman should have at least one pair of red shoes in her closet. It’s an unmistakably vibrant color that gives a stylish punch to many outfits and (most importantly) they’re bound to make a statement!

Red is also a bright accent to an outfit, so you should carefully choose what outfit to combine with your red shoes, especially with red high heels. With skillful approach, red shoes can even go into the category of your everyday clothing capsule without seeming too vulgar.

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Today I'll give you few outfit combinations that work best with your red shoes and what you shouldn't pair with it at all. Be inspired and remember to share this post!

The Best Outfit Combination For Your Red Shoes 

◾ Black pants, LBD's (little black dresses), black pencil skirts with red high heels — a classic for all time.

◾ Dark blue jeans with red heels — it is a modern classic. Denim should always be dark, you can combine it with white opaque blouses and shirts.

◾ Monochrome outfits especially in black and white goes perfectly with your red shoes, add a lipstick and nail polish shades of red to spark up your look.

◾ Red shoes helps accentuate dresses with prints. Go for a printed outfit with a neutral base (such as black, white or gray) that happens to have red in it & match your red shoes accordingly.

◾ It is an outerwear perfect complement — black coat, trench coat or jacket, you can pick up a jacket with red shades.

◾ Whether you’re thinking about pairing a white dress with red shoes, or with a white romper or separates, each will surely look amazing. If you think the contrast is a little too much for your style, opt for a pair of burgundy heels. These will reduce the brightness of the heels. Or go for an off white outfit, which will contrast less with the shoes.

◾ If you’re looking for what to wear with red heels for retro style, polka dot dresses will be the perfect combination with this shoes.

◾ Red shoes and jeans with any neutral top will look fab, but nothing beats a primarily white shirt with blue jeans and a fab pair of red shoes! Throw on a printed bomber for an instant update to the most basic of clothes you already own!

◾ Whether you’re looking to pair a baby blue, cobalt blue or navy blue dress or outfit with red shoes, they’re all great options. Denim rompers, jumpsuits & dresses are all great blue clothes to wear with red shoes too! And don’t forget how fab red heels can look with double denim as well.

◾ You can wear red high heels with red color accessories (bags, belt, etc).

Outfit Combinations To Avoid With Red Shoes 

◾ Contrary to the belief of many fashionistas, red shoes is better not worn with a red dress. Yes, it certainly is bright and catchy, but you should have at least a bright appearance, and not get lost in this color. However, when it comes to red, the main thing — do not overdo it.

◾ Green outfits: unless a dark olive or moss green, any other green hued clothes with red heels can look too Christmas themed & tacky with red shoes.

xo Lucy
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