Week Inspiration: Let Your Dressing Speak "YOU"

It's a fact of life that how you dress affects how you are perceived. Many people forget that first impressions are formed in an instant and your physical appearance can heavily influence someone’s initial opinion of your personality, competence and capability.

Like the common saying;

"the way you dress determines the way you are addressed".

Obviously, it's not just the clothes that count; you've got to have a decent character too. But it is true that some people's view are dismissed before they speak because others perceive them as just a secretary. Like it or not, appearance does matter. How you dress yourself changes who you are. It changes the value of what you have to say. At least to the people who are looking and listening. When you dress and carry yourself in a positive manner, this helps convey to others the message you're trying to convey.

Whether you want to get a better job, gain grounds at that upcoming seminar or get the attention of your crush, the way you dress and present yourself will play a major role to attaining success. You may not like this reality, but remember: those who succeed are not those who complain about “the way it is” or “the way it should be.” They’re the ones who accept reality for what it is, and use that reality to their advantage and change the rules.

So let your dressing speak YOU! Stay stylish ❤
Week Inspiration: Let Your Dressing Speak "YOU" Week Inspiration: Let Your Dressing Speak "YOU" Reviewed by Ibitoye Tolulope on February 27, 2017 Rating: 5

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