10 common style mistakes men make — and how to avoid them

Sometime ago, good taste in clothes wasn't a man's strength. Between going to work, keeping track of your favorite sports team, hustling and hitting the club for a bottle or two, pursuing fashion and style wasn't considered very masculine and important. But that is not the case anymore with more and more men getting interested in the fashion scene and investing their time and efforts into it. Today, not only do men talk about their beards and hair grooming, but are also concerned about areas like date outfits and business travel style ideas for men.

We all know that women are very style conscious and always on the lookout for what to wear, how to wear and what not to wear to particular places. This is not the case for men as most of them do not spend that much time discussing fashion and style as women do and this leaves a big gap in their knowledge, leading to a lot of mistakes when it comes to putting a look together.

What we don't know is that in everyone's road to dressing better, there are quite a few things to learn about fashion and style so as not to make mistakes and send out a wrong impression about our image.

Keep reading to make sure you don't make the same mistakes again:

#1 Overly baggy clothes will make you look sloppy and diminish your confidence output.

Here are some tips when choosing shirts:
▪️ Make sure that the shoulder seams rest on the edge of your shoulders; not on top of them and not over them.
▪️ Meanwhile, the cuffs of your shirt should end at the dimple of your wrist and there’s no stretching of fabric around the chest or the buttons. When you tuck the shirt in, there should be no excessive billowing around the waist.
▪️ You should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and your neck; no more and no less.
If you can’t find the right fitting for your body type, it’s time to find a good tailor.

#2 Boot cut is the most unflattering of all pant cuts for skinnier dudes.

It won't make your legs look any bigger, but the flare in the bottom of the leg will make the leg look even skinnier than it is. So when choosing a trouser pants as a skinny guy;
▪️ Pick a straight-cut style that is not too tight but fits your body frame perfectly.
▪️ Make sure the length of you pants end just below your ankle. Not too long and vis-versa.

#3 Looking like you slept in your clothes isn't fashion forward.

It's also inappropriate for the office and will certainly not impress your date. If you take just a few minutes to iron your clothes and hang them up, then you'll always be ready to hit the town in style. If you want to look nice, take care of your clothes and make sure they're pressed. If you are always busy and don't have time to press your outfit, A better option might be to have your shirts, pants and suits dry-cleaned. You get out of doing your own laundry, and they press your clothes for you before placing them on a hanger wrapped in plastic.

#4 Matching Your Pocket square with your tie.

Contrary to what you see news and sports anchors wearing on TV, pocket squares do not have to match your tie. In fact, they probably shouldn't. If anything, your pocket square can match the color of your shirt, but even then it's not necessary. Feel free to branch out with your pocket square.

#5 Wearing Clothes That Are Too Small.

Nothing has the power to create more inappropriate stares than a man wearing clothes that are too small for him. If your shirt or pants look more like sausage casings  rather than an apparel, then you're begging for a citation from the fashion police. If you've put on a few weight, invest in some loose-fitting clothes until you can work off those excess fats.

#6 Wearing Too Much Accessories.

Some women have a natural ability to layer on some flash effectively, but guys have to use some caution when it comes to shiny jewelry. A watch, a tasteful ring and maybe one other piece (sometimes) should be enough. Necklaces and bracelets on men can easily be too much. If you're going for the gangster, street boy vibe then by all means, pile on the gold chains. But if you're looking for something a bit more subtle, pare down the jewelry -- a lot.

#7 Wearing socks on sandals/loafers.

Why would you ever need socks with sandals or loafers? Sandals and loafers are for cool comfort and a casual wear outlay so putting a thick layer of fabric in them defeats the whole purpose. It's senseless and an all-around bad look. Seriously, if it's that cold out, just bite the bullet and put on a pair of shoes.

#8 White socks with dark shoes.

The only person that can pull this look off is the late, great Michael Jackson. So, unless you’re him reincarnated, we suggest you to avoid it. Black or dark blue tone socks suit black coloured shoes and if you’re wearing brown or camel colour shoe slack, try beige or light brown coloured socks.

#9 Improper belt-shoes combination.

This is a definite NO. Wear a belt and shoes that match in terms of colour and also finish. Trust us, you’ll look smashing.

#10 Black pants with brown shoes

Gentlemen, please refrain from doing so. It is always better to combine black pants with black shoes. If you fancy brown shoes, match it with dark blue pants or brown for a swagger look.

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