7 essential fashion items for every man's closet

Coming up with the right wardrobe can be a huge challenge especially times like this when it’s difficult for the everyday man to make money, so they cannot splurge on fashion.

However, with the essential basics put together, building the right wardrobe is easy.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of the most essential fashion items every man needs in his closet:


Every man’s closet should be built upon a strong suit. All guys need at least one suit that is perfectly tailored to their body and preferably in black or grey as these are the two best colors that goes with any occasion. You’ll always have an occasion or the other that’ll require a suit.


The greater the number of ties that a man has the better. But be careful of how to choose your tie as it is important to avoid cheap ties because they will just look cheap even if you pair with expensive shirt and suit. There are some occasions where a tie won’t be necessary but more times you’ll need one.

Dark solid jeans

It’s the trade mark of the middle class man. It saves you when you have a casual occasion and helps when you have a smart-casual type event as well. It’s basic...you need it.


Regardless of your job, every man should own at least one grown-up watch. One that has a clean face, leather or metal band, and looks great with any clothing.

A well-made watch shows off your personal style and for many men, this is the only hand accessory which they can invest in and it really helps making it an exceptional timepiece. It looks really bad when you have a man in a well put-together outfit only to be sabotaged by a bad looking watch...So invest in this basic item!

Phone Case

So this is a fashion accessory but also a necessity. When you realize how hectic your day could be and the many possibilities of your phone falling from your hand, as you get out of the car, off your desk, and how much it costs to replace  broken case, you'll want a phone case.


A wallet stores your identification documents and the money which you work so hard to get so it's best to invest in a good pair and replace it often. You can easily find high quality wallets at affordable rates.

Dress Shoes

Finally, dress shoes are the utmost to an essential men’s closet. After you acquire all of the above, you’ll definitely need a dress shoe to finish off your look. It can work well with dark jeans and a suit so it’s a win win item.

Hopefully, these essentials will help to guide the everyday guy who doesn’t want to splurge but wants to know what he must have in his closet.

What's your No.1 most essential item? Let's know in the comments section below:
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