Beauty Habits Of Women With Flawless Skin You Should Know

I’ve always been fascinated by the little, everyday habits that are shared by so many successful people, bloggers and fashionistas. What are the secret beauty habits and healthy practices that make up their lives – and why? That question got me to dig deep into studying the lifestyle of many of my most admired icons and I’ve also loved the chance to take a peek into the morning routines of our favorite stylish women and get the inside scoop on the products and habits that help them prepare for the day like a boss.

It's no denying the fact that our skin often gets exposed to harsh ultraviolet (UV) sunrays, dust and air pollution, harsh chemicals and environmental conditions. Over time, this can cause significant damage to one's skin and lead to various skin problems and premature aging like acne, blackheads, wrinkles, fine lines, skin reaction, and so many that we know of.

You can reverse this by taking good care of your skin daily. A healthy skin care routine will help improve your skin tone, make your skin glow, reduce blemishes, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. Although, this doesn’t happen overnight but with constant practice and commitment, you'll be a beauty goddess in no time.

So, keep on reading for the 6 beauty habits of women with great skin so you’ll put your healthiest, radiant face upright wherever you go.

1. They drink lots of water.

When you’re dehydrated, your skin can look dry and dull and make you look tired. Fashion blogger Stella Uzo knows that the skin loves moisture, so she always drinks water to avoid dryness, indeed the best fix for an amazing skin. Just drink a glass of water before you have your breakfast and aim to get in another one or two 8-ounce glass before lunch.

2. They have a healthy diet.

A diet that’s rich in colorful fruits and vegetables, especially berries and leafy greens, is what your skin craves for a healthy glow. You may add berries to your oatmeal, cereal, yogurt, or smoothie for an antioxidant- and vitamin C-boost that helps your skin look radiant. “Your skin will also look better if you reduce alcohol, sugar, and processed foods from your diet,” says Christine Choi Kim, MD, a board-certified medical and cosmetic dermatologist based in California. On the contrary, if you suffer from gluten sensitivities or dairy intolerances and cut those from your diet, your skin can also appear healthier and you may experience fewer breakouts.

3. They wash their face often. 

Start the day off with a clean face. “I recommend a gentle cleanser in the morning to take off the oils that accumulate overnight and to wash off whatever products you put on at night,” says Dr. Kim. Instead of resorting to chemical formulated products, better stick to organic and natural ones free of harmful chemicals that can harm your skin.

4. They don’t aggravate pimples.

“If you’re staring down an angry red pimple when you wake up in the morning, don’t pick or pop it—it’ll get more inflamed or swollen”, says Dr. Kim. For a natural remedy, ice the zit to decrease the inflammation and apply over-the-counter spot treatment acne medicine that contains salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or sulfur to dry up a pimple. You may also opt for a concealer mixed in, so you’re covering and treating them at the same time.

5. They protect their skin from the environment.

Think of applying an antioxidant to prevent cellular damage caused by environmental pollutants as well as ultraviolet rays. According to Dr. Kim, you must look for antioxidants in skincare products like vitamin C and E, phloretin, ferulic acid, and botanicals such as resveratrol, green tea, and coffee berry. Also, think of covering your neck, chest, and hands, which are often exposed to damaging UV rays when you’re out.

6. They always wear sunscreen.

According to Dr. Kim, you must choose SPF 30 or higher on your sunscreen or body cream. However, most women are not applying that much sunscreen. If you do, you’re probably getting the protection equivalent of SPF 15. Also, choose SPF 30 on your foundation for protection, or apply your makeup a few minutes after applying a separate sunscreen.

By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to get that healthy beautiful skin from within. I’d love to read in the comments section what beauty habits you do every morning and suggestions on habits we can all add to our beauty rituals...
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