Fashion Faux Pas Women Make That Should Be Avoided At All Cost

Trends come and go thereby making fashion tricky and daunting to follow and understand. Especially now with the continuous and evolving changes in what to wear, when to wear and how to wear a particular wardrobe item. Many mistake women make these days is trying to follow every fashion trend; either from their popular celebrities, fashion blogs, on Instagram, fashion magazines, and a whole lot. Asides from the fact that following trends is very expensive, some of the so called trends don’t go with our body frame (size), seasonal color, our lifestyle, budget, personality and other factors.

I've discovered through interacting with clients that as much as many ladies want to look like the exact image of a particular fashion influence, it's funny that a lot of women are afraid of committing fashion faux pas (mistakes) cos they feel they are super embarrassing and they can be a hassle to deal with; yet they have forgotten the rule that says "If it fits one person, doesn't mean it will fit you (I created that rule actually *lol*).

As women of style, it’s extremely important to be on the lookout for these under-the-radar mistakes, so you can nip them in the bud before they get out of hand. So my advice is, whichever trend you decide you want to follow or wear, be sure it fits the image you want to portray and of course your body type.

To guide you, keep reading for a few fashion faux pas that you should avoid at all costs.

Exposed bra straps: You may think they’re sexy but the public says otherwise and you’ll learn that as soon as you head out that door. Exposed bra straps not only make your outfit look cheap, they can also be an eyesore when they’re loudly, boldly and obviously showing when you’re wearing a tube top or an off-shoulder top. If you’re going to be wearing these, wear a strapless bra or a bandeau instead. Those ‘transparent’ bra straps are just as visible as regular bra straps so don’t even think of wearing those.

Clothes that don’t fit: Another fashion mistake women make is wearing clothes bigger or smaller than them. Don’t wear bigger clothes because you want to hide folds and that goes for smaller clothes also. Getting the right fit is very important because it shows off and flatters the important body areas perfectly.

Too much make-up: From contouring to strobbing, baking and highlighting, there are numerous make-up techniques that have become popular in recent years. But piling layers of make-up on your skin (and keeping it on for hours on end), is a big mistake. While a number of products claim to have only natural ingredients, most others are packed with harsh chemicals and harmful toxins. And when you apply these products daily, you're stripping your skin of essential oils and inviting problems such as acne, rashes, pigmentation, etc. Let your skin breathe! Ditch the multiple layers and opt for subtle make-up. Your skin will thank you for this ladies...

Accessories Overload: Playing up your outfit with a couple of carefully chosen pieces of jewelry is a definite DO and I really admire women who have a talent for mixing and matching and are always capable of pulling off a new trend perfectly. However, many women make this mistake of wearing heavy ear rings, necklaces that don’t even go with their outfit. Imagine wearing an architecture earring, a choker, a nose ring, bangles on a T shirt and jeans outfit, This is actually too much to be worn in one look and is downright one of the worst fashion mistakes out there and probably something you’ll want to make sure to avoid, unless you really have a knack for keeping that circus spirit strong all year long.

Mismatched combos: Mismatching prints and patterns have been one of the biggest trends since last year but that doesn’t mean you can just throw on whatever you first get to grab from your closet. Mixing and matching different prints and patterns and creating fusion between two different styles has to be done right so it won’t look tacky. Make sure all the pieces you put together in one look creates one cohesive outfit instead of an ugly one.

Showing too much: Showing too much of anything doesn’t make you look sexy! Furthermore, it’s one of the common fashion mistakes women that has a negative influence on an individual's image and style. Sure, you can flatter your shape by wearing bodycon outfits, and opening up just a little bit for an evening date and so on but there is absolutely a limit to how much you can stylishly bare. An inch or two too much, and your look can easily go from alluring to trashy.

Panty lines: It's embarrassing and it’s never nice to have visible panty lines whenever you’re wearing leggings or a fitted skirt. If you don’t like wearing thongs, at least try to get your hands on seamless underwear so they don’t make a mark when you’re wearing something tight.
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