Funny Nail Techs & Clients Relationships.

You know that frantic call that just comes in just like that. That distraught client calling to know if you have any space available for them to come see you and get  their "nails" fixed. You smile and nod in satisfaction, a customer is coming. With all cheer and politeness, you assure them you have space and proceed to  book them for a nail appointment that should be an enjoyable experience for you both...or so you think, abi?? Keep dreaming!!

Some clients won't show their true colours immediately. You think you're dealing with a reasonable person until they show up to their nail appointment and then they start displaying those jaw-dropping behaviour that has you questioning some people's sanity. The first place they start to irritate you is over the prices. Even with clear exhibition of prices on the walls of the salon, all your social media, your bedroom wall, church and mosque walls, even written on  your forehead, some clients will still price as if you'll be using oxygen to make the nails.

At this point, some people will decide your prices are too much and leave. They do not even give any apologies for wasting your time but will cheerfully inform you that they know someone who does nails at a cheaper price and they'll prefer going there. You shrug, it's not your problem anymore. Later, you see their nail pics and almost die of a heart attack caused by laughter.

Those who know your worth will grudgingly agree and stay to get their nails done by you. Now comes another problem; picking the nail colour. You ask them to choose from your well-stocked polish collection. *deep exhale*. This happens..

Cross that hurdle and onto the next one. The client brings out their hands and you are immediately surprised at the sight that greets your eyes. Who did these nails? How did you manage to carry them for so long? How come you didn't remove them sooner? Where will i start from? What in the world is THAT??!!.. So many questions, so little time!. Oh dear!!!...

You say a silent prayer and dive right into the business of slaying their nails. All is going fine, prep done, nails filed and buffed to perfection, tips and forms looking good. You're really enjoying your work and then your client decides to start fidgeting, surest way to get you mad tho..

Okay, maybe you don't yell that loud but you ask them nicely to stop moving. Quick apologies and work resumes. You start connecting with the client, sharing jokes and laughs while doing what you do best. Nails are lining up nicely and looking goooood! You get that polish just right but then your client has other ideas like..

Don't be angry ko? You finally finish the nails and just feel a deep sense of satisfaction watching them admire your handiwork, exclaiming joyfully at how beautiful their nails look and how much they love it and how they can't wait to show it off, all the while you're there smiling at them like..

And of course, you have to document your awesome work for future generations so you be out here snapping those beautiful nail pics like...

Sincerely hope we nail techs get all the love and respect we deserve from all our awesome clients. Why not share your funny client stories with me?

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Funny Nail Techs & Clients Relationships. Funny Nail Techs & Clients Relationships. Reviewed by Ifeoluwapo Ogunbiyi on March 09, 2017 Rating: 5

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