How To Pick The Perfect Shorts For Your Weekend Getaways

More relaxed than jeans and more comfortable than skirts, shorts can be your best choice when it comes to looking chic and feminine for your weekend glam. However, wearing a wrong pair of shorts can make you look heavier, shorter, and even shabby.

So, keep on reading for our style guidelines on picking the perfect shorts for your weekend getaways:

The Shape: Choosing the right shape of shorts is important if you want them to flatter your legs and make them look sexy. This will depend, of course, on your legs – whether they’re long and slender or stubby and short, whether they’re stick straight or shapely and whether they have that sexy feminine look or more of that boyish / athletic structure.

The Fabric: Another important thing to consider when searching for the perfect pair of shorts for your weekend spree is the fabric. Your choice of fabric will depend on lots of things but mainly on the look that you’re going for and the weather outside. Cotton, denim, satin and lace are perfect for a casual look while leather, tweed, shreds and the likes are better for when you want something dressier.

The Length: There's really no rule on who can only wear short shorts and who can only wear long shorts because it all depends on you. Choose a length that makes your legs look long and slender. This means showing just the right amount of skin to get that decent leg exposure. Of course, the shoes you wear your shorts with will affect the way your legs look, too, but it all mainly depends on the length of your shorts.

The Style: Your style reflects your personality and lifestyle and so the style of shorts to choose from should picture that. There are so many styles to choose from for your weekend outing, and your choice should depend totally on your personal style, body size and the look you want to pull. They include:

▶ Form-fitting Shorts: These are the most universally flattering shorts. Form-fitting shorts make your legs look longer, while still covering problem areas like the upper thigh. If you’re curvy and wish to show off your bottom part, opt for darker colors of form-fitting shorts that flatter your thighs, hips and bum. For skinny ladies, you may wear a printed shorts with fitting style and team with a brightly colored top to detract attention from your bottom half and bring some trendy vibe to your look.

▶ High-waisted Shorts: If you have longer waist and shorter legs, high-waist shorts are perfect for you. The high waistband will balance the length of your waist while adding some length to your legs, therefore, making you look taller and leaner. Just create a high color contrast into your top and bottom piece to make your slim waist defined. Whether you go for a pair of bloomer shorts or form-fitting one, high-waist shorts will always be perfect for you.

▶ Cut-off Shorts: Cut-off shorts are sexy shorts designed to show off those sexy curves as the hemline reveals its pockets from the inside. For tall and thin women, cut-off shorts with roll-up hemlines will balance the long thin legs you have making your thin legs look curvier. However, rolled-up styles will make short legs shorter, especially for petite women.

Bloomer-style Shorts: Athletic body types should look for bloom-style shorts with prints, pleats, or billowy detail to give some shape to your straight figure. The extra space around the thigh in these shorts will instantly make your legs look leaner while the structured waistband will also draw attention to the narrowest part of your torso. However, avoid bloomer-style shorts if you’re bottom heavy as the excess material will add bulk to your figure though you may opt for thin and light fabric that will just go well with your curves.

While everyone is entitled to wear any kind of shorts, you should never forget to consider whether or not the kind of shorts you have on is flattering and perfect for you. Don't forget to share if you find this post helpful.
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