How To Wear Your Shirt Backwards with Folake Huntoon

Styling a button-up shirt might seem easy, but when you start thinking of wearing your shirt backwards, it then feels like a huge risk to take and most times we shy away at the first glance of the outcome through the mirror.

Folake Huntoon is a style blogger from Nigeria but based in Beverly Hills, Califonia. This boho stylista that can effortlessly spice up any unconventional style has been into fashion for as long as we remember. A busy wife and mother of 3, Folake’s love of fashion came full circle when she started Style Pantry in 2009 with 3 other women. Style Pantry took off with Folake’s direction and eventually, she started managing the blog on her own.

Although styling your shirt backwards is certainly unconventional, but the effect of a button-up worn backwards is indisputably cool and super stylish too.

Keep on reading for the stylish tricks to make the unconventional backward shirt trend work for your street looks with Folake Huntoon as our style inspiration:

How To Pull It Off

In order to pull of the backward shirt trend, you will of course need a button down shirt. The plain tees are not appropriate for this trend because it will make you look funny rather than stylish. You may either choose a plain white shirt or maybe a striped one if you want to go bolder. The right way to pulling off this trend is to style it like you mean it and with confidence.

So, put on your shirt backward, tuck it in and then pull it up just enough to loosen it up a bit. Leave three to four buttons from the back undone to show a little bit of skin. You can even add an interesting necklace with a pendant dangling at the back. Or you can choose not to wear it tucked in, but to button just the top button and leave the rest undone.

Add More Structure And Flair

Keeping your outfit structured is needed to make your looks polished, especially if you’re about to wear a basic piece unconventionally. The sleeve and buttons of the shirt can actually stir some creativity like wearing them in an off-shoulder style, one-shoulder look, and even in a cropped style. Just add some creativity to look original and unique on your street style and make those heads turn. Also, you may complete your looks by wearing eccentric headpieces, avant-garde accessories, quirky footwear and such that will look perfect for your eclectic theme.

Incorporate To Suit Your Everyday Style

The white shirt has always been a symbol for class and effortless style - you might wear it with your pantsuit or pencil skirt at work and jeans on your weekend style. But if you’re seeking for a statement-making look while keeping everything effortless, think of wearing them backwards just like you wear a basic shirt.

Flaunt Your Sexy Self Creatively

Take advantage of the heat to wear open styles, and a backward shirt trend can be great. The backward shirts and all other buttoned-down tops are not supposed to be worn correctly every time. So, if you want to stand out in the crowd, then wear your shirts the other way around or in an off-shoulder style to let out some skin.

So, what do you think about this bold fashion trend of wearing shirts backwards? Would you dare to try it too? Tell us in the comments and of course, don’t forget to share and stay up to date with latest style and fashion articles on StyleHubDAILY...xo
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