Choosing The Right Nail Shape For You.

This is a post I particularly take great pleasure in writing because I can knowingly scold you ladies out there who allow some alleged "nail technicians" who aren't properly trained to mangle your fingernails in the name of shaping.

Please what are you doing? Why did you allow him/her to give you hand shovels or serving spoons and call them "nails", convincing you they look good? Don't you know they will only do nails for you that will benefit their own pockets while caring less about the overall beauty and health of your nails beds? Please, please, please, I beg you, just stop and pity your hands. They deserve better.

You should do yourself a favour and only patronize tested and trusted nail techs who KNOW and LOVE their jobs. The loving part is reeeeally important because if they love it, they'll treat your hands with the respect it so deserves and not as a grudging measure to fill their pockets. *deep breaths*.

Let's help you decide which shape suits you then, shall we?!. First off, in the world of nails, these basic shapes are the accepted and recognized standard nail shapes.

standard nail shapes

The main aim of shaping nails is to create something which greatly flatters the client's nails and enhances their natural nail shapes. Too many horror pics abound of how bad shaping absolutely ruins the overall look of the hands. Need proof? Be terrified by the pics below. idea what was going on here!
they are called duckfeet but you be the judge.
they were called bubble nails trend, no words literally
The main determinant in nail shaping is the shape of the natural nail bed. Take a look at your own nails, really look at them. Are they square? Slim? Narrow nail bed? Wide nail bed? Do you have a high or low curved hyponychium? Are they soft and break easily or are they hard and flexible?

See what I'm  getting at?

Well-shaped, short nails.
Your natural nails and enhancements should be shaped to follow the curve of the portion of the nail bed near the cuticle. So a person who has a narrow, curved cuticle area should not be tempted to ask for a shape like a square which will give the appearance of wideness.

All shapes are flattering to the hands but it's a matter of knowing which shape fits YOUR own hands. Be sure to discuss with your nail tech before any work is started on you, consultation is key. This will save so much time and energy.

long or short, well-shaped nails greatly flatter the hands!
short shaped nails look so pretty!
If however you insist on having a particular shape, then do make sure the filing of your enhancements is up to par. Be sure to communicate your desire to your nail tech and immediately speak up if what is done isn't to your liking.

Good nail techs always appreciate feedback and will be motivated to do their best when it's positive.

Have fun till next time sweeties!

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