French Nails Trend

The French Nail trend probably the most popular, most timeless classic nail trend of the modern nail age. It has retained it's staying power on its sheer simplicity and beauty alone, evoking a sense of the "classy lady" in anyone who tries it.

It may never go out of fashion and is still one of the most requested nail looks by ladies worldwide.

Classic French Nail Look

The classic French Nail look is characterized by a nail bed colour which may be nude, sheer pink or beige contrasted sharply by white on the tips.

For a long time, this was the standard look of the modern French until nail artists and technicians found more creative ways to spice up the French Nail trend. As seen below, one of the re-mixed French Nail looks include The Baby Boomer which involves a merging o the colours with the nail tip white softly fading into the nail bed colour.

Baby Boomer Nail Style

Another trend is seen in the Russian-style French nails which are characterized by extreme smile lines and are usually long and can be decorated with crystals, decals and hand-drawn fancy art. In some cases, the tips are not white but can be created using other colours and of course, decorated to suit the fancy of the client.

Russian-style French nails

The Modern French is particularly popular with brides who crave the French look but spiced up with a little pizzazz. The French nail has thus evolved into works of art showing off the skill and creativity of the modern nail artist/technician and also serve to make the bride's hands look beautiful and elegant.

Simple, elegant decorated French nails for the modern bride.

French Nails forever killing it. I certainly hope to keep rocking this trend for as long as it stays around. Hope you will too. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as i enjoyed writing this. See you in my next article!

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