How to carry fake bag like a real one

Not that I am encouraging the idea of counterfeits or dashing money to people who do not deserve it, but I am simply trying to reduce the embarrassing situations you might get caught in or must have gotten caught in tryna impress people with your huge brand name bag.

A bag as we well know is more than just a fashion item, it's what defines your style. I for one can tell your personality or the kind of mood you are in with the color, size and shape of bag you carry, and I know there are many others who do this too.

To some, the factors that determine acquiring a bag is due to either PRICE, DESIGN or REASON FOR USE. While others just want to go for those brand names like the Hermes Birkin and Chanel Lego clutch bag Toke Makinwa rocked, thereby going for the copies or fakes of it.

So I do get our desires to carry brand names (bag) and it's quite difficult to squeeze money for it from our parent or boyfriends the way we can for human hair, cause it's really on the high price. And there are some prices you will hear ehn, shock go grip you, but despite all that, we still want to rock good solid bags.

In our efforts to get let me say "the look alike" cause I feel the term 'fake'!  is too rash, we do so in a hurry. Yes you know you are carrying a look alike, doesn't mean you shouldn't pay careful attention to the details before purchasing one. Like I saw a lady with a Chanel bag written as Ghanel and another lady who didn't know Jimmy Choo is a brand name until she was told.

So here are tips to doing it right:


• know the different brand names, from Prada to Chanel.
• know the price of the genuine ones.
• pick ones with clean sews, if the one you are going for is hand stitched, then get the look alike that is hand stitched and not machine.
• it's preferable to get the ones without the big logos.
• be careful with the quality of the look alike. It will not smell or be the same great quality as the genuine leather, but try not to go for the ones that are obviously not leather.

It's all due to your personal taste and lifestyle, but going for lesser brand names with good quality bags is not a bad idea.

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