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The wonders of makeup is defined by some as an art of creating beautiful and different looks all at once, and to others it is a way of expression, but whatever it may mean to you, the art of making up is simply to be a better form of yourself and there isn't any female right now who hasn't tried it.

From looking at Toke to Eva and other celebrities, their gorg looks has brought some sort of inspiration to us and has made everyone so interested and hooked with makeup. Some of us go to YouTube and others intagram to watch the many numerous videos and try to recreate this looks. While others do get them, some others just always seem to get it wrong.

But not too worry, this post is here to help. I will be giving step by step process on how to get your perfect makeup. Today's post will focus more on getting your brows perfectly because a perfect brow is the basic of well defined and gorgeous look.

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First know your brushes; Which is used for which and which not to use, and you are on your way to a perfect brow. Plus remember to always wash your brush with warm water, don't use hand but dab gently in water.

If you want to go the extra with your brush set, then its best to save the tutorial above.

Secondly, know how to get your beginning, your arch and the end. You can use pencil, broom or anything to measure.

Thirdly, know the type of brows that works with your face shape, and you will know this after you have completed the task above. Plus you can always practice on paper till you get perfect.

Then you can now begin your brows. Start from the bottom then go up.

Lastly, define your brows with concealer.


1. Never use a different color of pencil apart from a shade or two from your hairline, yes your hair should be the criteria for choosing the shade of your brow pencil or gel.

2. Don't ever and I repeat ever use wine, red, blue, and even black. It's just wrong in all aspect

3. When defining, do not let it show, blend properly
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