Makeup hack 102: the use of primer

Primer is the next on our list of makeup hack. The reason why brows was picked first is cause after all your makeup is done, your brows just sorta pop.

So down to business!

Some of you may ask what the need is to have a primer in your makeup bag? Well the need to have this essential is simple; Primer is the base of your foundation or face makeup, it prevents makeup from smudging and creasing by absorbing the oils, which allows your makeup to be smooth and last longer. It's best to apply with fingertip.

They are in forms of gel, creams and powder. As stated above, it helps to:

1. Keep foundation intact.
2. Smoothen fine lines, wrinkles or large pores, and also fight shine (oil).
3. It seals pores and soften skin.
4. It is light in weight and creates nice soft finish to the skin.
5. The amazing part is, it works with any skin type and tone, so there is no stress in picking shades.

You want that 'I woke up like this' feeling *in queen bey's voice*? Then this is another reason to have the primer, cause it can be worn on its own and serve as an alternative to foundations. All you need is a drop cause too much will make it pill under your foundation.

Makeup guru Sinuola says; “Using primer on eyelids before applying your eye-shadow is key to making your eyeshadow stay and not smear” While giving us a hint of her best primer product, which is 'Classic'

Do a patch test though before using, in case of ingredient reactions.
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