Panty lines? Hell No

Strange isn't it? You see a lot of well dressed ladies going about with pantie lines and there is no one to tell or correct them. First off, it's offensive just as it can be when your bra is peeping off your clothes.

The truth is, you should never ever go out with your pant lines visible. There are panty liner available to prevent such incidents and embarrassments,  and if you are not comfortable with them, then you should know that there are different panties worn with and for different outfits.

It is totally uncool to have your pant color visible to the whole world, or your lace pants showing through the too tight outfit.

Tips to avoiding your pant lines from showing:

• Wear thicker cloths
• Wear seamless pants
• Pair panties of similar colors with your outfit. For a sheer or See-through ensemble, wear black seamless panties or thongs.
• Wear thongs (g- string)
• Wear shape wears ( tights)


With this few tips adhered to, you are on your way to looking great and feeling good in your outfit. 
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