Style Streak: Flatter Your Curves With Ruffles

Ruffles are feminine, fashionable and add a glamour quotient to your look. So, when was the last time you considered adding a ruffle to your style?

The truth is, I'm not majorly a fan of ruffles but honestly, I am begging to think maybe, just maybe i can try something out with it cause they are really banging right now, with the different and creative ways they are being styled by our street fashionistas.

An amazing thing about ruffles is that it focuses attention away from your trouble spots and add a lot to your figure and shape. Although, styling your ruffles can be difficult with the structured detailing and all but with a few inspiration and styling tricks, you are good to hit the street with your ruffles girl!

I saw this picture of foluke hunton (popularly known as Stylepantry) and I was speechless! Doesn't it make you silicate? Cause it most definitely makes me.

It takes a lot to pull this style off, but once gotten, you can never go wrong in it. Frills or ruffles are kind of dramatic and most usually add flavour to your wardrobe, so take up the challenge and see how great you turn out with this high fashion outfit.

With these simple tips you are on your way to slaying this look perfectly:

▶️ As cute and girly as they may look, try not to get tempted into being decked out in ruffles from head to foot. You’ll want to make sure that you’re wearing your ruffles minimally so that you end up with an outfit that’s chic and stylish.
▶️ Wear it on an area that need enhancing – got a small bust? Make it look a little bigger and fuller by choosing tops or dresses with ruffles on that area. The ruffles will help add volume to enhance whatever it is that needs enhancing.
▶️ A few big ruffles will look better and more ladylike compared to a lot of the little ones so unless you’re dressing up to match your toddler, opt for the bigger one.
▶️ As much as possible, try not to wear ruffles on printed clothes. Instead, choose to wear ruffles with plain colors, clean and simple lines to create a look that’s chic and sophisticated.
▶️ If the ruffles is situated in collar area, use minimal accessories.
▶️ Your heels and bag will also go a long way in adding the sassiness of all time to your outfit so select wisely.
▶️ Be comfortable and confident; Dont take it too seriously.

Now that you are mindful of the tricks, it’s time to play with ruffles to flatter your curves. Whether you’re pear-shaped, apple-shaped, ruler-shaped, or an hourglass, ruffles are a great way to achieve your desired figure by these strategic styling ideas. 
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