Styling your hijab

Known as a veil or headscarf, the word Hijab is "Arabic" which means to hide from view. It is a modest way our muslim sisters dress but lately they are dishing us hot new ways to rock and look stylishly incredible that even Prada has started a luxury line for them.

Though turbans are a new alternatives to this headscarf, the hijab is still wasking strong and having great fashion burst every where; from being rocked officially to work, social events to being draped casually to school and hangout with friends.

It could be in form of platted scarf, stylish twisted scarfs, knotted scarfs, fancy fabric scarfs and so on.

Get inspired with this Hijab ideas and let your creativity shine out when you are about to dress and go out with your Hijab.

You can wrap your hijab in many different ways, colors and patterns, so don't limit yourself to just one style, try new ones.



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