Stylish Nails For A Day At The Beach.

Lovely feet in sandals
So you have a day at the beach all planned out. Got your short dress or bum shorts all planned out, sandals or slippers all ready, bag packed with your shades and maybe a book or two? All looks fine except..... cracked fingernails and chipped, old toenail polish!!. Why?!!.

Surely it would be more pleasing to see your lovely hands and feet with well-applied polish sitting nicely in your sandals or flip-flops. Imagine admiring your toes in the foamy water, sitting on the sand admiring your toes, eating that hot suya or small chops with well-manicured fingernails, taking those lovely pictures with your lovely hands posing so nicely on your bag for maximum effect.

Well, you can then imagine how important it is that your hands and feet look "on point" along with the rest of your outfit.

beach-ready pink toes in flip-flops
Nail polish colours for a beach day outing tend to run the gamut from soft nude tones like beige, cream or peach to sharper colours like blues and pinks.

soft peach colour for hands and feet.
ombre nails inspired by lovely!
One does not need to go overboard with designs but if you're like me and don't like bare colours, you can always spice up your lacquer with designs like polka dots.

blue and white polka dot toes
or stripes for a very nautical look and feel (love that glittery touch on the little finger!).

or you can go with cool colours spiced with glitter.

turquoise with glitter
Personally i like unusual designs like the drag marble design below which would look sooooooo good in sandals or peep-toes.

Whatever colour you go for, be sure good-looking hands and feet are always a hit with anyone. Have a fun day at the beach guys!!

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