The shirt dress episode

As the name implies, this fashion piece is a shirt that is creatively turned to a dress. It's long enough to be a dress and short enough to give you that sexy 'go-girl' look.

The shirtdress is such a versatile piece of clothing that would make a great addition to any wardrobe. No matter what your personal taste/style is, you’re sure to find a shirtdress that’ll fit in with your signature looks.

Personally, I consider shirt dresses to be a wardrobe must have all year round; not just because they’re great on their own but cos they’re perfect for creating layers as well. You can either buy them or get creative by stealing your boyfriend's shirt and turning it into one cause girl! it's the new chic.

Yes some; infact most! will say how can you go out like that or which kind of crazy fashion is this? It may be a little crazy, but it's freaking dope.

The fact is, they are casual, easy to style and wear, versatile and can change from a day to night dress depending on your accessories. This is what makes it super cool!

A shirt dress is also warm friendly, plus you get to flaunt those legs yo! Also the fact that it gives that street vibe and sexy look is just about everything we need in an outfit.

You can rock it short or long, with belts and heels for more serious look or sneakers for a more casual look.

Treat yourself to this estactic outfit and come out a winner. Invest in a shirt this season cause I can confidently tell you it's a wardrobe keeper.

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