The wonders of sheer

So we all know how daring and bold rocking a sheer outfit is right? And not all of us is as daring as Riri or Kim, but not withstanding, we too at some point wanted to try this look out one way or the other.

So the steps to rocking this apparel is simple and straight forward;

1. Match your sheer with the right color of underwear cause as you well know, whatever is beneth there is visible for all to see.

2. Black has never gone wrong in situations like this, but if you are bold enough and up to taking risks then you can opt for brighter colors. Just make sure they suit you well.

3. A killer heel has never disappointed, and I mean ever.

Interestingly, I had an argument with a friend as regards the places this outfit could be worn, she thinks it definitely can't be rocked to the office cause it's just not the appropriate wear for a work environ. Well, here is me proving her wrong.

All you need do is keep it simple, rather than using a bra only, you could go straight to using a camisole. And as always, combine it with the right accessories and strut *wink* and you will come out looking smashing and polished all at the same time.

Check out some ideas to inspire you:

Not bad for an office look right? 

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