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We all must have heard or read many articles from Cosmopolitan to Ebony on how to keep your look stylish and comfy when travelling, but the ish here now is they only seem to focus on air travels and I'm like what about us that don't have money for plane ticket or that are scared of crash*tongue out*. What do we that go by road have to do to slay out of the chaos? How do we look stylish and comfy too.

It's really tiring getting out from a journey all dusty, dirty and looking like we passed through an underground sewer just to reach your destination.

The tips to looking glam through all the hustle and bustle of the journey are:

1. Picking the right outfit

Black is always bae, you can never ever go wrong with it, and if you don't want black, just pick dull colors like grey, blue or even brown. Avoid light colors so as to avoid embarrassment from stain and dirt. But cause I said wear dull colors doesn't mean you shouldn't acessorise with colors.

2.  Accessories

Yes I know its only travelling and not a fashion show but a simple accessory such as hat preferably fedora which I love and use so much will instantly change your look from dull to damn, or a pair of sun shades and a bag. Also try as much as possible to use little makeup, colored lipgloss and a well defined brow and you are good to go.

3. Comfort Is Key

Wearing a tight outfit is not advisable, go with something free and I ain't talking about tracksuit but free flowy dress and also a jean if that's how you want it, and oh let's not forget our footwear,keep it simple and flat.
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