Week inspiration: Stay "You"

Life as I've been taught in my short years in this world, is fun, amazing and full of mysteries. You learn a lot, you experience a lot and you partake in the activities and challenges life brings too. But the most important thing in existence is for you "to just be you"

You must have heard this all the time, and don't really get what it means or you just haven't put much thought into it, but I tell you, being "you" is the best gift you can ever give to yourself and humanity. Staying unique through your fashion style without a care as to the opinion of others guarantees the uniqueness to your "CHI" personality and view to and of life.

Don't try to win or please anyone by not being yourself, instead be the positive change and unique vibe that will be talked about for generations to come
Put a stamp on this planet earth and let your legacy be pronounced throughout the universe.

Stay unique💞

Picture Credit: Grace Alex
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