Yoruba demon? Who are the real demons

I feel like the name has been given to the wrong side right now, like the real demons are out here slaying like there is no tomorrow.

The Agbada is an identity of the yoruba man and it's no joke, a traditional attire which is worn to events and usually used to oppress us (women) with a level of elegance and style.

I won't say we stole their style, but what I can readily say with all of my mouth is this ladies are freaking killing it right now much more than the real owners of the attire. So who the real demons are is quite obvious right?

Well the men aren't giving up either, so it's kind of a headlock right now so i'll leave you all to decide. Rocking this outfit to some is daring but also sassy, In the female world that is. You can mix up with colors, rock it will heels and even tie your gele with it, how cool is that?

Do you want to try this look out? Then do! If you are scared of colors then use black or white, but if you want more attention and you are more bold, then try out different colors and don't worry about not looking good in it cause babes you will look awesome in them.

So try owning something different in your wardrobe, make that bold step and yes! you can rock it to any other event, it's not restricted to weddings alone.

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