You vs Your nails

You ever heard of first impression matters? Well that saying also applies to your nail. "Oh! i don't have time for that, i have a busy schedule, where is the time to visit a nail technician". Well ladies if you fall under this category, its time to stop and give that bit of time to yourself (nails).

If you are the type that don't care about how your nails look, well start caring about that little part of your body cause it says a whole lot of things about you, it could be at interviews, dinners or hangout with peeps, and you could have given the idea of being dirty, untidy and even unorganized to total strangers just with the impression gotten from sighting your nails.

For heavens sake this nails speak, they have a voice of their own and trust me they are really loud and audible, so its time to start taking care of them. And please to our ladies who fix, when anyone comes off, fix it up*shouting*!!. I mean I don't understand those who go out with missing nails or chipped polish, if this happens please and please fix it. You don't have to visit your nail technician before you do this, basic essentials you need to have for nails keeping are:

1)cotton wool
(3)nail remover or dissolver. Some belief disolver gives total clean off than remover, but they both do the job
(4)few shades of nail polish then do the needful when the situation arises.

Keep your nails clean, manicured and yumcious at every point in time, we don't know if that's how our better half will find us*tongue out*
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