5 Footwears Every Stylish Diva Should Own This Season

We all know how much the right footwear can add sauce to ones appearance and as such, it is necessary for us to have them in our shoe closet. This year, the way celebrities and shoe lovers have been kicking us in the face with their footwear is not funny at all and as a result I've put together 5 must-have shoes this year.

The good news is, you don't have to break the bank by rocking Louboutin or Versace before you kill it out there. There are beautiful brand and affordable Nigerian shoe designers to rock right now like Gbemisoke shoes, among others... So go get them and slay, queens!.

5 Must-Have Footwears

1) Sneakers

We all know how popular this footwear is nowadays and the most amazing thing is, you can rock it on any outfit. From maxi to midi dresses to jeans and skirts, it's comes out dope when rocked with any outfit. Go get it if you don't have one.

2) Pumps

This footwear makes a statement that says "simple yet chic".  It just has a way with outfits, it totally transforms ones look altogether so if you do not have this, go get them!.

3) Sandals

Please, who does not love this piece?!. They are just so simple and stylish and can change an outfit depending on the design you go for altogether. From skirts to jean to dresses and from formal to casual, they are every woman's best friend. I know I do not need to ask you to go get them, all I will say is go get more with more beautiful designs.

4) Thigh-High Boots

Though new to our terrain because of our type of weather, this footwear has made a major break in fashion statement. I think what did it for this high boot trend in Nigeria was when Mo'Cheddah rocked it with dashiki. That just sort of broke the weather-fashion-barrier excuse. Now you see it in various type of ways, from denim to dashiki and velvet... It sort of adds a kind of extravagant look to one's appearance.

5) Ankle Straps

Classy, elegant and yet simple, this footwear can really never go out of date. It just oozes class and transforms a simple look to one of elegance so please go get one if you don't already have it!

I hope this has helped in cementing your choices on the right kind of footwear for the season. Have fun getting them dearies!

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