5 Non-Boring Ways To Style Your Kimono

When the name “kimono” is mentioned, the first thing we think of is Japanese traditional robe. Well this fashion apparel is not far from where it's name originates from. It is an inspired traditional Japanese robes which has been given a modern vibe.

They are light and airy which is the best choice for our weather condition, and can still cover us up from chilly weather conditions. They are not cardigans but can still be switched for that purpose.

The kimonos come in all sort of prints and patterns and the coolest thing is that, they can be worn with whatever outfit, and to any event, except for business meetings o. Yes in a way they are tricky to style despite them being simple, but when you get it right, you won't go out looking tattered.

The key tip to rocking this trend is not to look like you came out drowsingly! So rock it stylishly.

This fashion apparel, which has made its rounds in the fashion scene and is still waxing strong, is just a simple jacket look-alike except it's just longer and more voluminous and it adds spice to an outfit.

The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment hence words which qualify it are beautiful, simple and stylish. They are T-shaped, straight lined robes which can be styled with anything and in anyway. They are an alternative to blazers and can be found in full coverage or blazers size, one just needs to make sure the tips are well tailored.

Check out how to style your Kimono below;

1. Style it as an alternative blazer.

2. Pair with jean for a casual look.

3. Pair your kimono with a pop of color or print for an all white or black ensemble.

4. With Chic Outfits: If you think kimonos are only for your street style, think again as they can be worn with more formal occasions depending on the fabric, style, and color it’s made of.

5. Looking for sexy and romantic way to wear your kimono? Then pair them with a pair of shorts or bikini.

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