Airport Fashion: These Are The Guide To Follow

How can I be comfortable but still look stylish? What accessories will complete my travel look? How many shoes do I need to take? 

Fret no more! Follow these tips and get packing.

10 Tips on Airport Fashion

Always carry a pair of dark glasses in your carry-on luggage, they are a stylish winner when you land and look knackered.

Davidson Frere
Jeans or Chinos: They look great and keep your legs warm. Absolutely NO TRACKSUIT OUTFITS! Stretchy chinos are great because they’re comfortable.

Jackets: The right jacket can finish off an outfit and look suitably stylish for the traveling fashionisto. Choosing a neutral colour goes with loads of outfits. Leather or a jean jacket are fab when traveling, more versatile and robust.

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Loafers: Best combination of style and comfort. A pair of neutral funky trainers also work. I’m not talking about white standard trainers. These can easily be slipped on or off at security and on the plane.

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Hats: Always look cool and fit the image at an airport.

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Scarf: Planes can be very erratic when it comes to temperature regulation so bring a blazer and a patterned scarf to throw over your shoulders if you get cold.

Eye Mask: If you like to wear an eye mask on the flight, make sure you buy a fashionably acceptable one.

Earphones: If you want ’sound-eliminating’ earphones, buy some cool retro looking ones. The cool brand to be seen with now is Beats Audio.

Man’s Bag: Winner all the time!. An overlooked aspect of your airport style is your carry case. It will state your image in seconds!. Go for brown or black leather because it matches any outfit and makes you look sophisticated and cool.

Credit Cards: Last but not least, make sure you’ve always got your credit cards handy. If the worst happens and you lose your luggage, you can always buy a new wardrobe, which wouldn’t be that bad after all!.

While it may be important to be comfortable, you are still in a public place, so why not go ahead and make a lasting impression on whoever is watching you?.

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