Beach Outfit Ideas? We Got You

Have you ever been in a position where you have a hangout to the beach or on a cruise to a private island but you are totally lost on what to wear?

Not all of us are confident and comfortable with showing off our body in a bikini, but still we want to look our best and also chic and trendy to the occassion .

Here are cool outfits to try out when going to the beach or better still like I do most times if i feel i can't get the exact outfit i want, I head over to the market, get a chiffon material and my tailor sews it for me; pair with shorts and a light top, go with sandals, a cool bag and pair of sunglasses...Trust me babes, you can't ever go wrong with that.

Basic things you need for a casual day at the beach 

• A hat/cap
• Flat sandals/slippers
• Sunglasses
• Shorts
• Light top

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