DIY: Homemade Honey And Sugar Lip Scrub

Hello lovelies,

I don’t know about you… but my lips has been extra dry lately! Especially today with all the rain and chilling weather. I have been treating them well with lip balm, but it doesn’t seem to help a whole lot.

Finally, today I got fed up! I hate the feeling of dry lips so I decided to exfoliate them with a homemade scrub.

What you will need for this delicious lip scrub:

°Your favourite lip balm (I used Vaseline)

To start off, pour a teaspoon of sugar into your container. Next, add about 2 tsp. of honey to your little container and of course your lip balm. Use the other end of your spoon to mix it all together until all of the sugar and balm is blended into the honey.

On clean bare lips, apply a little bit just as you would a lip balm. Massage your lips for about 1-2 minutes until you feel all the dead skin is removed. Rinse your lips with water and pat dry with a towel (make sure you do a light patting motion when drying your lips because you do not want to remove all of the moisture – just the excess).

I recommend doing this once a day. If your lips are real bad, I would suggest doing it twice. But no more, because you don’t want to dry out your lips.

There you go! My favourite delicious homemade lip scrub... If you decide to give it a try, let me know how you like it!
DIY: Homemade Honey And Sugar Lip Scrub DIY: Homemade Honey And Sugar Lip Scrub Reviewed by Ibitoye Tolulope on May 01, 2017 Rating: 5

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