DIY: How To Get That Flawless Skin Overnight

Every ladies dream is not only to make money and travel the world, but also to have that clear, spotless and beautiful skin. The dream also is to go out flaunting her bare face with no makeup on boldly, but all these seem like a big and unachievable dream for some.

There are basic and simple things to do, that doesn't necessarily need you to visit the spa for facials and skin augmentation. It's not all the time we have time to visit a professional for skin problems, meanwhile we have ingredients in our kitchen or easy to get ingredient from the departmental store for achieving this.

Here are compiled DIY charts on how to achieve that flawless skin you have always craved for.

First thing to note about this natural way and product is consistency. You have to keep up when you begin and don't get lazy and tired towards the middle.

Daily Skin Care Routine You Should Follow


With your cleansers and toners, get rid of your makeups and if you do not have one or you ran out of them, then use olive oil. Oils such as olive and castor are great makeup removers and works well for cleaning skin from dirt gotten from a hard and dusty day.


This process is really important and key to achieving your smooth face goals, and if you do not want to take a trip to the spa, then take these simple step;
• boil water
• put in any bowl, then put your face over it for the steam to work its way to your skin
• your pores are opened due to the process done above. For the whole body, you can add salt to warm water for unclogging your pores.


After the steaming process, exfoliate with whichever product that suits you, and if you do not have any exfoliating product, try natural ones like I do;
• use sugar, preferably brown sugar cause it's more mild on the face, but if you have a strong skin then you can go with the white sugar
• add honey, milk and a drop of lemon or lime(both optional), the lemon is a natural lightening addictive and works best with light skin while lime goes best with dark skin
You can also use the mixture for exfoliating the whole body.


Make use of mask after exfoliating, to remove whatever dirt still left over. Also if you do not have any mask products, you can use egg white for your mask.
• break egg into a bowl
• apply the white part on your face, put a tissue paper on your face, then leave to dry. After drying peel it off.


Yes you can do it yourself, massage your face in a circular motion with oils, this allows for blood circulation thereby giving you a healthy glow.


When all the process is finished, moisturise to keep the skin from being too dry. Plus eat right, drink water and most importantly catch your beauty sleep.

Try out this easy steps, remain consistent and you will get what you are aiming for. Don't forget to share online so people can benefit also... 
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