Fascinator Etiquette (Style Inspiration)

I bet y'all didn't know there were rules to rocking this accessory. Well, if not all, some of you didn't know. Truth be told, I didn't know either but just as I've learnt, I want to enlighten you guys too. Hope that's cool?

So there is a wedding my aunt was to attend this Saturday and part of the dress code is fascinator, and she was like "Chidi, what do you know about fascinators? How do I style it and all?.

Like many others, these head accessories are classy, chic and definitely ooze glam. I also remember it was the choice of most guests at Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton's wedding and also one of Kate Middleton's most crushed on fashion accessories...

Ok! Enough of the distracting talk, let's focus on why Fascinators are a must-own for every classic diva. The Fascinator is a formal headwear worn as alternative to hats and is sometimes referred to as "Hatinators".

It is usually a large decorative piece made from fabric or synthetic materials attached to a band or clip and are usually attached to the hair with a clip, comb or head band and you can rock it to weddings, evening events and even to church.

Nigerians are really killing it right now with the way they style this piece of accessories. It's no wonder ex beauty queen Ene Maya Lawani started a collection on this piece of accessories, but before you head out with them on, you should know some little tinny rules, gurl!

Rules On How To Wear Your Fascinator 
• Wear it for appropriate event, not for a hangout at the beach or a night club, but to a formal or semi formal event.
• Size: you have to be mindful of the size you purchase. It's rude, especially to a wedding, to put on a bigger fascinator than the bride's mother. Even the groom's mum isn't allowed to do that!. It is also rude during group pictures to have your fascinator all up in someone else's face, very rude indeed!
• For formal events, go with medium to large fascinators. Also if your hair is going to be down, for semi formal events, go with clip or headband fascinators.
• Fascinators with elastic band that holds it in place is a FASHION FAUX PAS so don't try it.
• If you are going with sleek hair, then your fascinator should be small but if you are going with full elaborate hairstyle, then you should go with a big fascinator and either the comb or barrette style.

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