It's really cool to sport shades when you're outdoors, but thinking they're just as great indoors is a big mistake.


First off, it's called sun shades, not shade shades. They were made for the purpose of keeping your eyes safe from the  sun's glare, so if you're no longer outdoors, why keep them on? It's like keeping your umbrella up after coming in from the rain-so ridiculous.
"But celebrities wear them all the time!" Are you a celebrity? Celebs wear them indoors because they're constantly crowded by camera flashes and paparazzi, and these excessive flashes hurt the eyes. They also do it to give off an aura of mystery and enigma, because their lives are constantly in public view. You don't see them wearing sunglasses in their friends' place for dinner or to a house warming party.

#Wearing sun shades indoors reduces visibility.  I mean, you're wearing shades in the shade.

#The reason a lot of people wear it indoors anyway is because of the notion that it's cool and stylish to do so. That notion is in fact true, if you're still living in the late 80's or early 90's tho. And people will just be wondering whether you think the sun followed you into the building.

Please just let go and move on.

#It isolates you and makes you unapproachable, inaccessible. Your eyes truly are the windows to the soul, and sun shades shut board those windows up. So everyone is left in the dark about your state of mind when in a discussion with you. And every time you smile it looks like fake plastic. This kind of shadow cast on your person is unnerving, and trust me, people would just avoid you completely rather than go through all the trouble.

#You'll be trying too hard to be cool. And that in itself is uncool. You'll end up looking like a twerp. When I was research-reading for this post, I laughed so much! Let me share one of the responses to this issue that I saw on a Nairaland thread.

'It is just stupidity..... Imagine, I saw a guy very early in the morning say around some minutes to six on dark glasses and I was like is this guy in his right senses? The worst of it all was the day, I saw a guy also put on sun glasses in church..... I think it is just the poverty mentality that has driven people to that extent, so when they have small money it gets into their heads and they can't just control it. smh......'

Don't hate sun glasses o lol. Just don't wear them indoors. But there are exceptions to this rule, just like every rule. So you're free if:

You're a celebrity.
You're blind, or you have eye defects, or you've just done surgery, thatrequires you to shield
You're at a funeral/mourning
You want people to back off
You're a policeman
You're a criminal
You're an assassin
You just wanna be a classic jerk.

If none of these is your case, then please lay the glasses aside and have a good life.

Someone just asked; "Is it okay to wear them at night or whenever its dark?"

Well its okay if you're Terminator.

But if you're not then please don't.

Stylist out.


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