Fishnet! How Would You Style Yours?

I like to call it an accessory because it sorta adds spice and details to an outfit. Fishnet, as we all know (at least that's what I think) was never something to be worn in public because it was kinda scandalous and seen as being tacky.

Just like it's counterpart, 'the camel toe', which is being worn and considered fashionable now, the fishnet also is making huge trend waves and is a must-have in your wardrobe and a must-get if you do not have one yet.

I for one, is starting to like the whole idea because now you can rock the fishnet with that discarded dress you don't wear cause it was too short or too revealing for you. They also are great for adding a little edge and somewhat sexy appeal to any of your outfit.

It is definitely a risky endeavour to take, but as I always say when you pair right, you can never go wrong. It is mainly viewed as a trashy way of dressing and as such looked down on, but bae! this accessories are killing it right now and there are a million ways to style them without looking too trashy.

The denim look for instance, and to be precise, the ripped or popularly known as distressed jean is an awesome way to pull this look off and give that chic and trendy look.

You can also try it with short skirts, dresses, shorts and even that slitted skirt you have found most uncomfortable to wear - it sort of brings a refined and classy feel to the outfit.

Fishnets comes in various patterns, colors and size and picking the right ones go a long way in helping your outfit. Unlike the stereotype diamond shapes, you can opt for smaller ones, circular ones, oval ones or abstract ones, but the micro sized fishnets are great and the best way to go for a more professional or official look. 

Yes people you can try it for a professional look and look takeaway contrary to popular belief, you just have to be able to know how to style it. You can also use as socks in heels and other footwear, just play around it and you'll be good to go. 


Fishnet! How Would You Style Yours? Fishnet! How Would You Style Yours? Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on May 02, 2017 Rating: 5

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